Artwork by, Gemunis

Going  from the Caterpillar phase,(Human Ways), moving into the chrysalis phase (ClassRoom Circumstance), thus the final stage, the Butterfly existence, completely becoming this new creature. So aborting the human, creature through the exit facture, eventually. Once you have become this new creature, which will have a new resonance connotation, the world around you will appear completely, and over all different. You will understand, everything differently, in pure form. You will no longer feel the way you use to feel about someone, or something, it is truly a conversion state of mind, you will newly own, making the old you  an undesirable model, to the new creature you will, or have become, once you have completed your time, in the chrysalis cycle, which is the classroom, you will then emerge from a dullen, expired being, to a fully converted being.  So why then, would, or could anyone who has evolved from a caterpillar condition,; want to continue to crawl, when they, which are now Butterflies, can fly? The Caterpillars crawl, and the Butterfly, flies. The Butterfly, cannot crawl, and the Caterpillar, cannot Fly.