The book of Revelation 16: 2, speaks of a great sore that will come upon the people. This great sore, will spread among a certain percentage of the human race, but in fractions, around the world, Meaning many will die from this disease. It is already here in the United States, spreading by those who either were very close to those they were trying to save, when they were in Africa, or the few who were expose to victims who had it, were sent here to America where most believe the technology here would be sufficient to remove it from the patient, and make him, or her whole again. It’s time for most humans who keep seeing this as a movie, and not a reality; to wake up. If you do not, or can not wake to this epidemic, then try to look for those who can help, and those like yourself who don’t believe ; to help you understand, this factor, better, so that you can help save many lives, by spreading this warning, world wide. This isn’t the time to be thinking about Y2K, this is different, the evidence is here, Y2K, didn’t present us with Physical evidence, as Ebola has. Please wake up from your deep sleep. This isn’t planet X, which we have not seen evidence of, as of yet. This is different, and physically real. You can bet, that before summer arrives, this disease would have spreading well into your own neighborhoods. Why is it that most people think, that it’s someone else s neighborhood, where this disease will spread, or that this is someone else’s problem, not knowing that you could be that someone else to someone else tomorrow. It is easy for us to dismiss something we cannot see before us, away’s assuming, that these kind of diseases, like The Ebola disease can only effect people in 3rd, world countries, because most people say, well, you know, they just don’t have the technology to overcome these kind of diseases in these poor countries. Well let me remind you, that Ebola only search for people to destroy, not countries. How many people, family, and friends, can you reach within minutes, or if you are writing a blog about this disease to warn the world; maybe it would take you hours, yet you would have reached the few who would reach the few, who would reach many, thousands, and millions, billions. We can do it, by forgetting our own pride, and becoming humble enough, among friends, and families, and even strangers, to talk about this spreading disease, which within month, will be very hard to contain. This disease will become immune to what ever vaccine our scientist will design against it. What do you seriously think that, our scientist can restrain such a disease, well this disease eat’s human flesh, so what is to say, that it wont eat, what ever they use to contain it, like a serum, which can become diluted with the mixer of the serum in ones DNA? Stay away from over populated areas. This one is going to spread fast. Wonder sometimes about depopulation, and whether it is being done by mankind , for it is happening in percentages, around the planet. World depopulation is occurring world wide, and as we speak. Whether Ebola, was created by mankind, or not, it is depopulating citizens around the world. Yet we knowing that these things would come upon the world (people), as I do not exaggerate, nor am I trying to convince anyone, of the underlining that will come with this, particular human, life ending disease. I though it would be interesting to write about this subject matter, and perhaps most would seek safer ways of living from now on. Seeking GOD is truly the answer here, just incase you do lose your lives in one way or another, it would be simpler to say, ‘I am saved’ so what ever overtakes my body by way of destruction has know place with my soul, for my soul is kept, in the whereabouts of the Lord, whom I trust, for he has given me reason to trust in him while I was here. Hurry, and run to the door, while it is still open, for when it is shot, you will not be able to go in, For what door GOD opens, no man, or woman can shut, and what door GOD closes no man, nor woman can open. -Gemunis