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CARA DIABLO1 Here to your left, is one of Eugenio’s Siragusas encounters, in Puerto Rico’s Fajardo Beach.



Since the day’s of Siragusa, remembering the meetings in the remote deserts, the meetings which took place, when the entity, from another world, I believe that of Orion, and the information, which was shared with Siragusa, as to the life which exist, in this southern, constellation, as this being, from that constellation, would, share, awakening us through the knowledge, it gave to SiragusaI wonder still, how real, this could have been, that there really was a connection, between the entity, and Siragusa, from Spain, or whether, he Siragusa, might have truly, believed it himself, in which case it became his reality; or whether it was a true experience, on e we can draw great amount of information from, to pick up where

Siragusa left off? I am sorry if my post appears, kind of messy, but I am of med’s, and it can get pretty messy in my head.SIRAGUSA




OK, this is the time, not to interact with others, in

General. There is not one, not one, we can interact

With. Everyone, is to afraid to let go. Everyone,

Wants’ to hang on to what they, know. They want to

Hang on, to what they have. Nothing, I mean,

Anything, that we, or you, and us may believe in,

Does not matter. It is all irrelevant to the truth. We

May never know the truth. The truth, is comprised of

What, little GOD, shares with us. We do not have to

Go to, or depend on anyone, to lead us in direct

Contact, with GOD. Mankind, and our relationship,

With our supreme, GOD, are of two

Varied, particulates, of two differences forms, for

They do not partake, in our experience, of GOD,

During this age, and time. He chooses, his own,

Among the his flock, for his mission, whether it be

That we, be partakers, of that mission, while we are

Here on this planet, or whether, God, has another

Plane for us in his universe, it is not up to man, to

Decide for us, it is up to, GOD to decide. What is

Important, is that, we continue to overcome, the

Flesh, which is an interference, to the progress, we

Can achieve, with our creator, since he chose us,

From birth, and up to this point, and time, through

His years, of prepping us, for his agenda, not man’s

Agenda, but GOD’s agenda. We are not a scattered

Flock, for he is with us, even though we may appear

To be here, on Earth, we are his, and have been, his,

Even, in our past lives, yet now we are improving.

We are not lifeless projects, waiting for men,

Approval, we are called, Son’s of the most high,

God, working to become, as the Angels, in heaven,

For his purpose, even for his war, against, this

Rebellious race.




When we leave, our classroom, while we are still here on, earth, and we then after being in the world, notice, how, much being a member, of the next level, truly means to us, we in realizing, that this is the only truth, we run back home sort of speak, running back home, with all of our might, trying to do your very best to reach that point, of recovery, to where we left off. When we settle our spirits, and our mind, back into servicing, the next level, we realize how foolish, we were to turn away from the next level, because the amount, of progress, we were making, was very real. You can’t, and won’t achieve, or receive the same type, or amount of information, you receive, when you are perusing the next level, if your are still connected to the world. Staying connected to the world, while pursuing the next level; is form of fornication, and adultery to, the next level, and the kingdom of God.




As I understand it, we, are of our, Father’s, fold, even though we were not with, those, who left, in that, they,overcame,  we too, are of that fold, and in so being, we have the right, to lay down our lives, when, our time comes. It is in how, we perceive our place, with God, that open’s, or closes that door, or gate, into, our Fathers Kingdom. So let us, ask ourselves, where am I today, with my Father, in heaven, (God). and let us ask him, what do you think, dear Father in heaven, is it time, for me to meet up with you, or do I still have some work down here you, want me to do, and if not then, show me, what you, expect of me.