CARA DIABLO1 Here to your left, is one of Eugenio’s Siragusas encounters, in Puerto Rico’s Fajardo Beach.



Since the day’s of Siragusa, remembering the meetings in the remote deserts, the meetings which took place, when the entity, from another world, I believe that of Orion, and the information, which was shared with Siragusa, as to the life which exist, in this southern, constellation, as this being, from that constellation, would, share, awakening us through the knowledge, it gave to SiragusaI wonder still, how real, this could have been, that there really was a connection, between the entity, and Siragusa, from Spain, or whether, he Siragusa, might have truly, believed it himself, in which case it became his reality; or whether it was a true experience, on e we can draw great amount of information from, to pick up where

Siragusa left off? I am sorry if my post appears, kind of messy, but I am of med’s, and it can get pretty messy in my head.SIRAGUSA


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