When we leave, our classroom, while we are still here on, earth, and we then after being in the world, notice, how, much being a member, of the next level, truly means to us, we in realizing, that this is the only truth, we run back home sort of speak, running back home, with all of our might, trying to do your very best to reach that point, of recovery, to where we left off. When we settle our spirits, and our mind, back into servicing, the next level, we realize how foolish, we were to turn away from the next level, because the amount, of progress, we were making, was very real. You can’t, and won’t achieve, or receive the same type, or amount of information, you receive, when you are perusing the next level, if your are still connected to the world. Staying connected to the world, while pursuing the next level; is form of fornication, and adultery to, the next level, and the kingdom of God.



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