No, one has asked, me of this, tendentious, they have, instead, vigorously, ignored the basic, abstruse principals, involved, and as an, innate hearing, realizing, in tranquility, the passiveness, in this, innate, pasture, and composition, of information, I am, sharing, in the meekest of ways, this way, that way, which you know, not to knock, what you don’t know, even through your knocking, and rejecting me.
If you were there, when I was there, and as I still am, there, you would not say, what you are saying. It would be a peaceful, encounter, if you can understand, without, distrusting, and the information. If you know what, I am conveying , then you too, could see, the (UFO), hovering above you, and feel, in gratitude, that, every time, you step out there, and wait for them, they appear directly, above the area, you choose to look, telepathy, from them to you. So you know that, they are, connected to you; yet not because you chose, for they are so far, in advance, than we are, but because they have been in the development, that have been so much, connected, towards, they, as the on lookers, of us, even through the turmoil, of this great, evolutionary change, at the end, of this earthly cycle, and existence.


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