There is so much going on right this minute, in the world. I don’t know if it has always been this way, or if we are now seeing so much more, due to the over whelming video output, we are submitting, or if this is something totally new. Has the world always been this chaotic, and in the disarray, we see it in now, or is this new, due to the accumulations, of sins smeared across the landscapes, of this world. What does our creator think of all this. Didn’t GOD, say in his word’s, through the prophets, and his Son the Christ, that, there will be world wide destruction, throughout the planet, and that even the members of your own family, will be your worst enemies, for those who do not follow, in the footsteps of the Christ, would work against those who do, in there own house hold, creating domestic war’s and discords, among the family. There are those who have been taken out of the family circle, by God himself; protecting, and preserving his elect. There are those, of God’s flock who’s day’s have been shorten, because they have suffered much, and our Father has decided to take them out of this world, to give them peace, with him. Many appear to behave, as though there were no God, for they have demonstrated this, by the atrocities they are still committing, against people of there own nation, and saying, that God told them to do it, when one of the very first commandment, clearly states, that thou shall not ‘kill. Didn’t The Apostle Paul, tell us that, it is an abomination, for a man, to sleep, with another man, and that it is equally an abomination for a woman, to sleep with another woman, giving into to vile, and deplorable affections, “UN-natural affection’s”, he called it. One day, there will be a destruction of these types of individual, and it will be greater, than, the destruction, of Sodom, and Gomorrah. Have you ever seen a fetus, after it has been taken, out of a woman, fighting for it’s very life, trying to succeed and not being able too? Try watching a whole nation, intoxicated by Marijuana, even giving it to there children at an early age, and see what will happen to what is left, of this generation, when they won’t be able to live without  it. Mankind has forgotten the purity of self preservation, in thought, and in spirit. The world has stopped looking to God, for answers, because they have learned, to live intoxicated lives, setting the tone, for a very out of control, destructive future.


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