Conventionality, becomes, an essential. Precise way of being, from the dept’s of the norm precepts. Most case scenarios are by passers, of serene, fluxes of continual, reversed hypo-thinking, pattern to retrieve the, alienated concepts, which reserved in non conventional, form of abstrictions. So how do we circum to any doubt, anyway, there is no motor control, it seems. There is superficiality, in this dies world, the unawares flaring, at the awakened. The smaller universe inside the dirt, which breathes the air, of havoc, precisely, we say at front, with a fraction, to lift it, beyond the gravity of our Earth. Let us perceive in the make-up of a dissolving society, to break before us the ice, grasping on to the windows, which will liberate us to a greater, density, of fireworks, mirrored with us, away from the fabric, of ill illusions, to the clapping, which we will awaken to, when we are falling, downhill, to the coals, we will miss, aspiring always’ to shake the plumes upward. One crystal, in my mind, as the other mind, in communication, with the principal, we find in particle, practices, to be as, sonic feeling of depth, the outcome processes, the shades of the dark, to the shades, of the blues, in my heart. The chrysalis fields, of the amber, men, cross, to the liking, of the filaments of the crashing substances, attire. Detuning, to this layer, of grommet, for the fuel of the hiss, of the wondering none. Force, eat not, what shall be broken in words. Make not the solid, of the clouds, you have not inherited. Be as chase to the polar, in the place of the bank on a hill. Dowse not the Kimble, feel the word, for the soup is cold, for the fervent are forgotten, in the daylight. Once we begin, we on a far side, the thought, and, thus we crave the being, to share with us. Come, let though thou are frustrated, with the inner means, of the sparring to the many, for a cent in the mid valley. Let the crisis freeze.


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