Last night, the skies were brimming with life. I felt like I was pulled upward. I could see the larger planets in the distance, even the one I will inhabit . I know that we were given the potential to align ourselves, and even graft to the planet, that corresponds to our evolution; as it is basic, for, me, I found myself in a quasar event. I could see the dept in every world, as it were an upward circuit, pulling, from the celestial bodies, mansions, to celestial mansions. I remembered the portal station,  the triangle, in the Arizona desert. and believed, they are still sitting within, the triangular portal, waiting for my return home. My question, is away’s the same, should I keep them waiting, as I also noticed, that there are areas on Earth, where the Earth’s electric magnetic fields, are strongest. The polarities, in increments, helped me find this, internal resonance, which could only be found, when we are connected. So much, could I see. The chambers in the heavens, they were alive, each communicating, with the other, as the Earth continued to rotate, the celestial, bodies gave off, these beautiful color, tones, one gave, and the other would received, these beautiful colors in motion. Everything, appeared to be, in perfect order, with the signature of dissimilarity, yet harmony, between the celestial objects. I could feel, that even though I, am here, the corresponding heavenly body, moves with me, I am in a constant, existence with it, as it does not separate. The more I abandon worldly, ways the closer, I am to my corresponding Planetary family, even the planet which corresponds to my continual existence, has made a bond with me. I am carried, into the space noise, notable, through the waves inside of me, becoming a part of me, in my  continuum. The sounds, moved with every stimuli-ed color, in space, and every, color tone, as though it were a word, that I could understand, as vast distances between, the planets, and I were led closer, as though, there were a straight line between us, as though I could, reach up, and touch them. I could feel my spirit, heal, from the unconscious, and conscious, abuse this world has become accustom to, as I become endowed, with space, energy, elevating, within, me, electronic synthesis, burning away, the unessential’s, as I am constantly being made, a new. The multitudes, they were moving in space, benevolent beings, reminding me, of my place, as I grow nearer to them, each passing day, each with a new message for me, as I tune out, further from this world, and closer to the my, next world visitation, even another dimension.


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