In remembrance of he, who design the galaxies. He who designed, the solar, systems.He who designed the Sun’s.  He who designed the nebula’s. He who designed the star’s in the heavens (Space). he who designed the quasars, He who designed the concept of life, He who designed, the concept of the spirit. who designed the concept of the soul. He who deigned the concept of the mind. Praise, I give to thee. With the technology, provided to us, I will spread your blessed name, throughout the nations. They will here of you, through me; dear GOD, for you have said it, that in this hour, and, at this time, you would use us to spread the news, that the kingdom of heaven, is at hand, it is through the will that you have given us, to choose to make the choice today, for there may not be another tomorrow for each, and everyone of us. Look to GOD, at this hour, and brace yourselves, for his gathering of you, who he has elected, that you not lose your place, in his heavenly kingdom, if you stumbled, upon this earth, and are planning to return home, (The Heavenly Kingdom), You have been spoken to by the Lord, so why have you rejected the Lord. Know ye not, that the technology that we have today, was allowed to us, so that we can send the message to the world, in a short time. We are messengers from GOD,  who he will use , for the spreading of his word a short time, to remind you of him, who will gather his elect out of the world, once we have spread his word, his warning, to the world, come ye, or be forgotten, for you have not remembered him, who allowed you life, to gather you back to him, for his glory, in the making of this universe, in his evolutionary, continuance, the evolving of the planets, and the new lives he will plant there, his elect. This world, will be turned inside out. The turmoil will grow, and fester, lifelessness. There will be gnashing of teeth, as it has begun already? The cities will be grave yards, as if they weren’t already, and what of the morals of men, aren’t they gone already, when we are taken out of our bodies, who will speak to you of GOD grace? Don’t you know, that your time has almost come. I am the voice in the wilderness, sent by he who motivates me, to warn you. Repent, and humble yourselves before he, who created everything, including what you have credited yourselves for, which he has blessed you with. Find him in peace, within yourselves, on this beautiful day, for tomorrow, will be darken forever, when we the elect, are taken out of this world, and GOD’s grace is taken out, with us.


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