So there I am looking for something from above. It is always present. When I call, they are there; probably sent by God, shouldn’t be so hard, for those who are also experiencing this. We are not alone, though we feel alone. When we share this with our families, boy, they sure don’t want to hear it. It’s hard to open up, about this, with just anyone, it just doesn’t work, and boy does, what, Jesus, meant, when he said, we would be hated by the world, make sense to me now. Clearly we can see, the worlds resentment, towards the Christ, not only because, he said, he was the Son of God, but because, of his advice, to those, who followed. The voicing, that, we should leave everything, behind, in order that, we see, and hear, a clear picture, of our Fathers voice from heaven. That voice, speaks to us internally, ‘For the kingdom of heaven, is within you”, for the kingdom of heaven is within us. Why would anyone, see this as blasphemy, when it is so well documented, in the Bible. The Bible, is not some primitive book, it accentuates truth, to help us embark, on the purity of a God, given, divine truth to us, to share with others, via God’s help. We as vessel’s who have experienced God, in our lives, are the ultimate tool’s, embed that, Godly seed, we carry, unto others, regardless, where we may find ourselves, on this Planet, Planet Earth. There are angels, who walk with us. There are Godly, deities among us, those who God, has appointed, to be with us, to help us overcome, our burdens, and there is also a time, when God, allows, incarnates, to speaks through, us, in order to save a human life, if he thought it would be appropriate at that, point, and time, then he would make it happen, in that way. So even though we, know, through God’s, demonstration, that, he is with us; we may be physically alone, and that can feel, burdensome, to us, because we have so much, we would like to share with someone, and beside’s, we don’t want to keep it all to ourselves, anyhow.


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