The planting of the next level seed begins, here. Having that certain recognition, of data, which we are aware of, even meeting with anyone from the next level. We realize that the information, is familiar, to us, we understand it, we know it. The seeding, and planting, of this micro chip embedded deep withing, our souls, mind is en-graphed, in the deepest places, even in that special place of our brain, the Pineal gland, where many unusual , abstruse , dimensional, changes take place. The mind can sense, and feel this difference, without ever, resorting to returning, to it’s old, self, once it becomes, aware of this different mind, then it begins, to partake, in these new way’s. There in our mind’s begins the way’s of this separatist, idealism, which we become overcome by, not only because it makes such transparent, affects of sense to us, appearing sort of abstract at the beginning, and then common sensual in a way, as we slowly, become more aware, that we know, that aborting, humanistic, way’s is the ultimate way, to block, our human lives, but opening the door, to this new creature, which we are becoming a part with, this connection, to this vivid scene we can understand, it is the only thing, that makes any sense. We are not converted by force, we are given, this awakening, as it makes perfect sense, without having to force anything, everything, around our thinking, either is part of a group world wide, or a part of a group, celestial wise. This microchip, or mind seed planted in us, becomes a part of our spiritual DNA, through our voice, our thinking, our goals, which are guided , yet aloud to experience choice , even under this quick awakening, as it is no longer dormant. So there is this harvesting taking, place, when we awaken. As demonstrated in the illustration, below.


One thought on “THE SEED MICROCHIP

  1. The seed microchip is planted by our families and we are shaped through education under particular circumstances,social and cultural environments…
    The metaphor is truly powerful Gemunis… I love your post…. Best wishes. Aquileana 😀

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