It is true, to me, because of my experience, that, DO, came from the kingdom of God, the kingdom of heaven. The information is undisputable. The message is the same message, Christ brought with him, “leave everything of this world behind, and come , and follow me”. The formulae is the same. If you kling to the things of this world, you could never get to know my Father’s kingdom. Why should this world continue to condemn, DO, when no one one in this world, has had the guts to stand in a church such as a preacher, a pastor, or a priest, or a rabbi, and say to their church members, today we will prepare for the harvest, and this means, that today, everything stops, the world around you, your desires, they stop, your indulgences they stop today. Your greed it stops today, your attachments, they cease. You can only have access to the kingdom of heaven, when you leave this kingdom. How can you expect to get into, a more refine, more advance world than this world, if you kling to this world. You must first leave one world, (Exit Your Body), in order that you put on a new body, with the proper (DNA), which you will have when you are born in the next world. Mankind , thinks, and they are trying to get you to believe, that they will go off to some planet somewhere in a human spaceship, and that when they get there, well they say, we will have breathing apparatuses, which will help us breath when we get there, well I’m afraid that, the picture is much greater then that. The only way, you can gain access to life in any other given planet, is to totally, start a fresh in that world, meaning, that, you would first be born in that world, so that you would acquire that appropriate DNA , when you are born there, and that my friend, the new DNA will be provided to you through our creators make up of you, in that new world, which only he can give you access to, not mankind. Remember the words of Jesus, Christ, “In my Father’s house (Space), there are many mansions,(Planets), and if this were not true, I would have told you so”


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