ElectronI couldn’t find the energy I needed to type this information, yet I feel I have put almost everything, that is not of the norm, to this unspeakably corrupt generation, which I feel, they should have gone without this information, for they are worst than mockers. I have had an internal, and external , relationship with, what I can only call an entity , or extraterrestrial , or spiritual, or let just call them intelligent, particles, which have appeared in a greenish, whitish form, possibly a living intelligent energy. I don’t intend to be here very long, so if you care to know about this information, or you have had this experience, well my friend, you are not alone. I have gone to sleep with this living energy particle at my side, I have moved into wave forms, which when I enter, they, our teachers, mentors, are waiting on the other side,  knowing at what hour, I would leave this dimension. I can say that they program my mind, in particles, and I Will say I, for I do not know about you, so don’t take this offensively. I am volunteering to type this information, it’s bad enough, that hecklers, and trolls, will do all they can to shut down this information, so to they ‘the dogs, and the swine,’ I know what you have to say about this. The greenish, whitish, intelligent energy particles, have appeared to me also in the form of UFO’s, they have also materialized before my very eye’s in the form of orb’s. They have materialized in the surrounds of objects, glowing as a tip of light source, giving off this greenish, whitish energy, to what physically, and spiritually feels, as a positive.  I notice that the night, before the materializing of these energy particles, I usually have an encounter, with an entity, or entities. I am usually taken to other worlds, where I am taken into terrains, where it is obvious that the terrain, there is very unique, as are the elements there, they too are extremely unique, unlike ours in every way. Some of these worlds, they have no light, for the nearest sun distances are too far, for any light to reflect off it’s surfaces. The only light source that exist there, is of I becoming a seeing source embodied into the atomic, particle, elements, which exist there, so you are able to indulgently, channel into the environment by becoming, as an atmospheric, bio atomic, element, which moves about the terrain, and in the environment. When you are there, they are with you. I cannot tell you, if they are good or bad, I can only tell you that they exist, and for some of you, and to some of you, they have tried to communicate, but you somehow have pushed them away, with your fears, and your ignorance. One night for instance, I was shown, a plaque of a beautiful patternized chart, it’s inscriptions, were perfect, and precise. These graphs were a language, in the form of symmetric symbols, which I am able to understand, and to those, who this information is past down to. We are somehow being trained, while in our human bodies, for what it is we will become a part of, when we leave Earth. My advice to this generation is, “Continue To Overcome The Flesh”!





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