Today, peace will begin with me. I will make certain that my fellow men, and women will smile, because I first, smiled. I will help those who need my help, I will stand in a high place, so I can see where my fellow man, is drowning, and hope that he will see me, so I can lift him out of the stormy waters. Today, I will ask God, to bring to me all those who are hungry, that they may be filled. On this day I will lift the fallen, with words of of encouragement, and help them, along the path, in hope that, they can find there way. Today I will give one shirt, of the two I own, so that someone, may have a little something to wear, so that they may not be naked, in the bitter cold. To I will walk slowly, and look before crossing the street, to see if there is someone, who may need a helping hand, in getting from one side of the world, to the other. Today I will listen to what others have to say, rather than press, my opinion. Today I will care for the rich, and for the poor. On this very day I will help a lost child find his, or her parent. Today I will give my seat to those who need it the most. Today I will lead the blind. On this day I will sorrow, with those who have sorrow. Today I will ask God to help me help those who, cannot help themselves, in exchange to the bringing of joy, to the heart of a living GOD!


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