OH, but it isn’t just Planet Ceres that is within our solar system, actually in our solar system. near where Mars is, just beyond Planet Mars. OH. but of course it is important, haven’t you the connect, or the connection. Isn’t it true that for some of us, we are attached, as an umbilical cord, were attached to our spirit, you know, Ceres-mean souls, and Planet Ceres being as new as it is, is in need of souls. I strongly wonder if Planet Ceres, is the new earth, or like a new Earth, then that would mean that it’s sky, would be the new heavens, if we could transport ourselves there, via, angels, and their cloud like, vehicles, for they would be our pilots, but so could, comets, also pilot our souls, within the comets passing earth, for these comets would be used as vehicle, which by way of tail debris, and magnetic pull, will consume our souls, within it, thus tugging us along, for it would make it’s passing over, Planet Ceres, we as spirit form, would be dropped off, over the terrain, surface of the planet, at any given, time. This is the principle of life formation, in every world. See, the comet already contains, the building blocks of life, and for the elect this is perfectly consistent with the concept of eternal life, in which we the soul, are to become, absorbed by the passing comets, as elected candidates to move into these passing moving vehicles (comets), to be transported, to new worlds, such (Ceres). I feel right about this, theory, for it is a theory I have thought of for many years now. This theory, is within me, and remember Christ, Jesus words, when he stated, that “The kingdom Of Heaven Is Within You”, meaning that the universe, through him, and God the Father, would tell us about these things, so in others words, then, they may not be theories, but actual information, being shared with us, as we make preparations as our days are shorten, in anticipation, for these celestial events, about to take place, as we are selected to participate in this celestial , historic agenda.



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