…Most certainly not. We will continue on. Some will be stubborn, and careless, about how Our Creator, and teachers see us. Some of us are confident, of our relationship with he that creates all the changes upon the earth “God” the supreme. I don’t see how anyone could miss it. In 2010, there were many events occurring all at once, (Indonesia’s Tsunami, India’s Tsunami, and Japan’s Tsunami, all at once, and the death’s in Russia – heat temperatures so hi, many died, because of it, in the thousands. So have any man stood before the people, before the pulpit, to announce these things to the world, and how we should be at the mercy of God, in hopes that many would change to design a better world? Whether you are a benevolent human being, or a malevolent human, you won’t go to waste. You will either leave your body, and be piloted our of here, protected by angels, or you will be fought over by a hovering body of demons taking pleasure in turning you into their slave. You are on your own. Most people don’t believe that there exist, beyond, where we stand; a very powerful reversible plane, that would only takes but so little for us to channel into. People are living in a hyper phase. They have missed so much throughout their natural lives. Some have made the life of others a living hell, through their clinging, and believing in a system which have rob them spiritually, and physically.


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