1. We are all in the classroom if we choose to be. Everything we do that takes our energy away from human behavior and ways and redirects into Next Level behavior and ways according to what Ti and Do taught contributes to our own personal metamorphosis. Also it’s possible some will literally be lifted up into a spacecraft physically escaping death IF they have sufficiently changed over their vehicle to the butterfly. I was reminded of this which seems to have some revelations relevance I will write about soon but that I read in Ti and Do’s first interviews with Hayden hewes and brad steiger in the book, UFO Missionaries Extraordinary. I know much of what they said in 1974-6 saw updates but all were in a progressive form that still had application to their future understandings. They always said the Next Level kept them just one step ahead of their student body in terms of what they could share that was more and more accurate. They always said, “change is the name of the game”. That book has a lot in it about the metamorphosis. I’ll try to have it copied so I can provide it someday soon for those that don’t have the funds to pick up a copy online.

    • Wonderful, Sawyer, this generation, and in those who are within the radius of participating, in the aborting , of self, will appreciate, and understand the material, you will provide, as a missing piece to our, pursuit. Very invaluable, my friend. I myself, am also been absorbing, a lot of information, on this side of the curtain, yours, included. Will see you in the next, my friend, and teacher.

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