As we we sleep in our beds, and awaken daily, God continues to create, design, new worlds throughout the universe. As we evolve in science so does God’s creation evolve throughout our universe. There are parts of the universe we cannot, fathom, for our state of existence, whether mental, physical, spiritual; is limited to human understanding, yet even as we continue to commune with God, and even though he continues to provide, and share with us, of his daily, and present creation, there are so many far reaching developments that we are still trying to understand, as they are still far reaching for us. There exist the opposites sides of the universe, in which there exist, a continual life force, and life forms, which is filled by Gods ideal presence there, and even as far as the space parallel, there also is the existence of life continuum. There in those undetected places, in those undetected realms, where space traffic, organisms, intelligent beings, in the billions, moving through space in the constant, exchanging information, going about their task, taking care of responsibilities with purpose, for the intrinsic sake of their evolution, and the evolution of the student body of undetained objects, with conscious mentality, as it has been since every single life form came to be so long ago. Billions of years ago. Lets say that there also exist spiritual life forms, discarnates, looking for bodies to inhabit, where ever there may exist, physical life. Each incarnate is responsible for life activation. They the discarnates, act as battery cell’s to the bodies they choose to inhabit. So exist the aeon as elaborate awakening in the decimal coding of life, the nucleus, within the nucleus, the fashioning of life symmetries, awakening of the old, and new models. The total engineers come to life in space, as the all allowing God, shifts his almighty presence there, and in the here. The tare of the nebulas, are mend together, by our life forms, and spirit combine, from each world, to be send there, to repair, to construct at our graduate levels, form this life time to the next, and the one that follow. we are as architects to their professions, lending God a hand, through our obedient efforts. There Planet (CERES), in need of souls, can we provide if we were call upon to exist there, as move the comets who pass over head, carrying the building blocks of life, as we the souls provide the electrical trigger of life, into these building blocks of life, shed at the comets passing, to begin life in Planet Ceres, and existing other new heavenly bodies through our continual obedient new process, as existing engineering elements of God.We the obedient, intelligent particles, of life, today human, tomorrow who knows, only our creator chooses. The oceans, and the carbon bases ascentories for this new make, in another maze. Today is define, by our conscious ivity towards this knowing, absolute awakening procedure. This carnal existence, which is perfect environment, we can take care of, without obsession, for the prize of a newer existentiality is abound, for the many who have this connectivity, to the essential purpose of God. So for this time that we are conscious, to awaken in a more evolve state, in tune to that which we will awaken to at that exact time processed, momentous.




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