As we we sleep in our beds, and awaken daily, God continues to create, design, new worlds throughout the universe. As we evolve in science so does God’s creation evolve throughout our universe. There are parts of the universe we cannot, fathom, for our state of existence, whether mental, physical, spiritual; is limited to human understanding, yet even as we continue to commune with God, and even though he continues to provide, and share with us, of his daily, and present creation, there are so many far reaching developments that we are still trying to understand, as they are still far reaching for us. There exist the opposites sides of the universe, in which there exist, a continual life force, and life forms, which is filled by Gods ideal presence there, and even as far as the space parallel, there also is the existence of life continuum. There in those undetected places, in those undetected realms, where space traffic, organisms, intelligent beings, in the billions, moving through space in the constant, exchanging information, going about their task, taking care of responsibilities with purpose, for the intrinsic sake of their evolution, and the evolution of the student body of undetained objects, with conscious mentality, as it has been since every single life form came to be so long ago. Billions of years ago. Lets say that there also exist spiritual life forms, discarnates, looking for bodies to inhabit, where ever there may exist, physical life. Each incarnate is responsible for life activation. They the discarnates, act as battery cell’s to the bodies they choose to inhabit. So exist the aeon as elaborate awakening in the decimal coding of life, the nucleus, within the nucleus, the fashioning of life symmetries, awakening of the old, and new models. The total engineers come to life in space, as the all allowing God, shifts his almighty presence there, and in the here. The tare of the nebulas, are mend together, by our life forms, and spirit combine, from each world, to be send there, to repair, to construct at our graduate levels, form this life time to the next, and the one that follow. we are as architects to their professions, lending God a hand, through our obedient efforts. There Planet (CERES), in need of souls, can we provide if we were call upon to exist there, as move the comets who pass over head, carrying the building blocks of life, as we the souls provide the electrical trigger of life, into these building blocks of life, shed at the comets passing, to begin life in Planet Ceres, and existing other new heavenly bodies through our continual obedient new process, as existing engineering elements of God.We the obedient, intelligent particles, of life, today human, tomorrow who knows, only our creator chooses. The oceans, and the carbon bases ascentories for this new make, in another maze. Today is define, by our conscious ivity towards this knowing, absolute awakening procedure. This carnal existence, which is perfect environment, we can take care of, without obsession, for the prize of a newer existentiality is abound, for the many who have this connectivity, to the essential purpose of God. So for this time that we are conscious, to awaken in a more evolve state, in tune to that which we will awaken to at that exact time processed, momentous.



Each planet as a cell, we then can be of what they are, in combination of parts, of this incomplete repertoire, or reciprocal, nordic, twist, in the meadows melodies. The sighs, and breath’s we take, when we are quickly, taken up, to the sound of the last bubble, no longer our homes. They left yesterday, we leave now, as we look down, as the mist becomes larger, than the dust, of the shades, of the the opaque lands. I dear to find you, where you are with me, when I become you to those who call. Away is less than a path, and the showers reverse, in your need, for them, and for those that build what is they pretend, to what is loose for those who take, what you could see, for them to have, to share for long, as you who go, without, Who smile within. Your place, in the spaces, and they who know, are with you, ¬†left in hidden treasures left to share. The mark of every voice, eternal designs of individual perfections displeased with one another, for those who cherish, forgetting their own. I the light, and you the place, and they the atmosphere. When a clapping moves along, the waves, the dense of colours embrace the sights, of different angles, we keep one, and the others we remember, as they in time take on a new form. There came a sound, in the distance, that which lives inside of us. In dreams we catch, the time we lost, those moving about, the night express line, I float away, thus calling as I fade, and awake to the new, unknown. I fill one page, and the scratch of the pens, seek I my answers through the merk of the tables, the places I leave, left in sadness, from the coin I remember, as the spider will carry, climbs the feelings with hunger. Let there, be free, of the saking, for your troubles, that all may be washed, inconceivable bowles of the spare, from a trouble decipher, to then remember to learn a new. They who yield to the mortar, their hair uncomb, their soup, be warm, in the dampness of the wind. The leaves, how many hues, we lived in each stem, of their memorable sizes. They on the the other side of the Sun , who see us. They will call us today, yet we will hear them tomorrow. As I look through the marble, them I photograph, yet do they know not. Once we were here, today as forever, and together, as we spread, our task we spare. Those who knock the souls will open. Those who open their souls will be heard at an exchange of memories, those things obscure. The sides of the cold trees, and the gift of their barks, each one, an individual, a place for the the ants, a nation for them, the many. Perhaps if they are from where they come, and we go from where we are, we are taking on new forms. Ones mind merges with another, the shapes in thoughts, designs we store. The compass, and man, which direction poles create, then I looked, and free was the horizon, which my eyes can only grasp.



As limitless as the universe can be, so are we made as such. In spirit, our soul multiplied at it’s chances to expand, and grow beyond our own understanding, just the same as we have the capacity, to evolve, not to succumb to to norm, of simply being. It is extensive work, yet not labor to expand our inner intuition as it is our responsibility to understand who we are, and our responsibility to maintain a sane connection in this expansive realm of greater possibility improvement, to progress, limitless.

So as we the limitless compact universality soul, of the self inner construct of intuitive particle say, we are in conjunction with it’s constructiveness to our subconscious inner turmoil in a complex veritable world of evolving specialty. The rest, the connect, in secret to, and with self, as to not freeze in this turmoil-ed world, but to consciously exist, in the real us, not depending on the manipulation of a dying diseased society of impudent souls to lead us through ignorance, and laziness. This Samarkand, and dis association of self, and the usual disconnect is but the start of a self destructive journey well away, from any succeeding potentiality, progressive construct. As the wave, we send out into the world, and they to will disseminate, the very same sound, which we can create, when the time will come in which we will agree, and grow into agreement, in that on that special day we will, from our window emitt this very same wave into space, so as it would travel, sent by those who consciously perceive to see, and send, I will send on that special day. Perhaps when we close our eye’s we can see them, or as individuals, who wait for us, as we journey on to find, without looking, yet we are connected, which eventually will lead us into one another, either at that time, or yet another time. Seeing then the comfort, of consistency in our mare mirror. There are those, who extend their hand, which we should grasp to free from, their response, in that only a shade of purity, we will be given to give, now as we look forward to heal, in this passive owing of our self to calm, and to shed pleasantry. The obtuse bird, is at hand in the morning, as the Sun sing, with it’s brilliant ambiance to the worlds, when we awaken, and the birds interpret the seasons. All of the dept of time fractions, how close, and in multiples, how far it seems. The light, is here there are no struggles, except, the green tree, who cannot grow, who fears the winter, Oh how I shed the tears. That star above me, is within me, oh what could it be, which side is brightest, as the heat even reaches the seeds from a distance. In this peace, at this time, in this compact me, deep within our subconscious, let us find, that the smallest particle, and when it expands, let it take us where it will, for it is our path maker, our lead, through the murkiness of the hallway’s imparted by the broken seams. Today I was there, as I imagined it, it is. The tiniest of a feather when the doves flap their wing, we miss. But there, and now they are, as a line in the horizon, about to appear.




The book of Revelation 16: 2, speaks of a great sore that will come upon the people. This great sore, will spread among a certain percentage of the human race, but in fractions, around the world, Meaning many will die from this disease. It is already here in the United States, spreading by those who either were very close to those they were trying to save, when they were in Africa, or the few who were expose to victims who had it, were sent here to America where most believe the technology here would be sufficient to remove it from the patient, and make him, or her whole again. It’s time for most humans who keep seeing this as a movie, and not a reality; to wake up. If you do not, or can not wake to this epidemic, then try to look for those who can help, and those like yourself who don’t believe ; to help you understand, this factor, better, so that you can help save many lives, by spreading this warning, world wide. This isn’t the time to be thinking about Y2K, this is different, the evidence is here, Y2K, didn’t present us with Physical evidence, as Ebola has. Please wake up from your deep sleep. This isn’t planet X, which we have not seen evidence of, as of yet. This is different, and physically real. You can bet, that before summer arrives, this disease would have spreading well into your own neighborhoods. Why is it that most people think, that it’s someone else s neighborhood, where this disease will spread, or that this is someone else’s problem, not knowing that you could be that someone else to someone else tomorrow. It is easy for us to dismiss something we cannot see before us, away’s assuming, that these kind of diseases, like The Ebola disease can only effect people in 3rd, world countries, because most people say, well, you know, they just don’t have the technology to overcome these kind of diseases in these poor countries. Well let me remind you, that Ebola only search for people to destroy, not countries. How many people, family, and friends, can you reach within minutes, or if you are writing a blog about this disease to warn the world; maybe it would take you hours, yet you would have reached the few who would reach the few, who would reach many, thousands, and millions, billions. We can do it, by forgetting our own pride, and becoming humble enough, among friends, and families, and even strangers, to talk about this spreading disease, which within month, will be very hard to contain. This disease will become immune to what ever vaccine our scientist will design against it. What do you seriously think that, our scientist can restrain such a disease, well this disease eat’s human flesh, so what is to say, that it wont eat, what ever they use to contain it, like a serum, which can become diluted with the mixer of the serum in ones DNA? Stay away from over populated areas. This one is going to spread fast. Wonder sometimes about depopulation, and whether it is being done by mankind , for it is happening in percentages, around the planet. World depopulation is occurring world wide, and as we speak. Whether Ebola, was created by mankind, or not, it is depopulating citizens around the world. Yet we knowing that these things would come upon the world (people), as I do not exaggerate, nor am I trying to convince anyone, of the underlining that will come with this, particular human, life ending disease. I though it would be interesting to write about this subject matter, and perhaps most would seek safer ways of living from now on. Seeking GOD is truly the answer here, just incase you do lose your lives in one way or another, it would be simpler to say, ‘I am saved’ so what ever overtakes my body by way of destruction has know place with my soul, for my soul is kept, in the whereabouts of the Lord, whom I trust, for he has given me reason to trust in him while I was here. Hurry, and run to the door, while it is still open, for when it is shot, you will not be able to go in, For what door GOD opens, no man, or woman can shut, and what door GOD closes no man, nor woman can open. -Gemunis



There is a, massive uprooting taking place worldwide. This is the time, of the cleaning of the Earth, as writing, throughout the book’s in the Bible. Many will curse, God in these day’s. Draw yourselves closer to the creator, just in case you have to face something like this, He will help, you, through it, and will also, help you, help others, get through this, but let it begin, by having, God on your side, when he continues, to recycle this world.

Flash floods kill over a hundred in India, 500 missing – Wikinews, the free news source