Are we comfortable , with our current lives, so much that we believe that as long as we remain in our comfort zone that all will be OK, because it has been OK for a long time now, how can anything go wrong. Well you say, I don’t see the problem, the tsunamis, and the earth quakes are not happening here. There are no major storms passing this way. You may wonder if you will ever face one of those prophecies that are written in the bible. Well look around you, if you lives in the USA, you may notice that the weather catastrophic event are as devastating as they are in other countries, but you will notice that the crime rate is very high. People are committing more mass murders than they ever have, and the toll can ad up, and create large ugly numbers. The rapes, murders are sky rocketing. Robbery murders are still rising. When you add this up it sometimes triples the death toll of catastrophe ridden countries. Ebola started in one area in Africa, it now spans up to 15 countries alone. We, the world, is being destroyed as we speak. One third of the world is being destroyed by crime, another third of the world is being destroyed by famine, another third of the world is being destroyed by wars, another part of the world is being destroyed by famine, and on, and so on. Yet the world (people), continue to lives in complaisantly. not worrying about their lives, or their families lives. Most are not interested in having a good sincere relationship with God. Most don’t care to have a good conscious with God. Most people do not respect God, they go on to believe that he is a man made product. When I ask people if they believe in God, if they trust in God, they say I trust in a higher power. A higher power could be anything. A devil could be a higher power. A god, who is below GOD could have the remnants of some power, that source which you trust, and believe in which you call your higher power. I’m sorry to tell you, but a higher power isn’t God, it’s simply a power that is greater than you. God is the supreme, and solely the GOD that is who made all. God does have helper, and even a heavenly corporation, but they are members of our creator, one and only God, we do not refer to God members as a higher power. So are we so relaxed that you dare call God, a higher power, not knowing that you could be referring to any existing entity that could put on a facade for you, while you continue to refer to God as simply a higher power. You rather listen to philosophers, than to trust in God. You rather trust in the twisted biblical tails of the scholars than to trust in God. No one truly respects God, I can easely see. People mock, and dare God, and then wonder why they suffer the consequences the way they do. No it’s no coincidence that you suffer harsh consequences when you, a mortal, dare to mock GOD, who placed the sun at a perfect distance from the earth as to not scorch it, or destroy it . How dare you mock God who moves the mountains from their places, (Landslides)? How dare you mock the very God who can inundate an entire nation with water if he wanted to? No man can split the earth, the way God can, as he has split the earth before, for many miles. Where is your common sense? NO well, you say who am I, ask instead who are you, where do we fit, parts, of; are we simply separate through our birth, responsibility. That we are are responsible solely to ourselves. Then we may say , see I am responsible solely to my self, and you are responsible to your self, and in frequently we do not want to feel that we have to make a connection, whether etheric, or material to stir, the depths ourselves, and in doing so, bringing out form within, what is in spirit, that we have in common, simply ¬†for the communing of soul, with soul in our parallel setting.So how do we decompress the inner secrets, so that we could commune. So complacency has it’s deficiencies; it is the root source of corruption. When we do not reach out towards those who are like minded who are a part of the bigger picture, and we through our keeping quiet of knowing what they have is the missing puzzles, as we are also missing puzzles in their lives, in that we should not fear to trust , and advance in getting to know our missing puzzles, and let them know , we know. So that wise judgment, and what would be without consent, of judgment through our perception, intuitive revelation, in comm peace with God in meditation to find truth revealed through him in us, for part of our make, with the Holy Ghost guiding us towards one another to construct a higher vibration, resonance.