I would have written it differently if I had awakened differently, yet it does not matter at this time. Pointless it seems, all the competition in the world, you know no one really taking the time to understand what is written, everyone is mostly concern with what they are writing, competition. I have to write for those who need it, for those who enjoy reading, those who look forward to my writings, as it is meaningful, to say what they, and others understand. This simple world, this lonely place, I here today, and somewhere else tomorrow, I appear where I am most needed, as others appear to us when they are most needed in our lives , watch them as they appear. Most people spend their time at the library typing faster than the other person next to them, hoping that that other person would notice, and feel less faster then they, are because they can type so much faster then them, I mean is that really necessary. I feel that the most important thing in life is to type what is relevant to us, and to those who need to hear from us when they need us the most. What of those who wait for the that one special person to come along, that might mean that God will hear their prayers, and bring that special person to them. Everything we have is bought, every person, every item, nothing is for free, even our friends are bought, they wouldn’t any time with us unless we invest in them in way, or another, I am really not making this up grasp on this really , and wake up, you’ll feel much better afterwards, really trust me on this, you have my word on this matter, for sure. Logic is to understand logic, and what it means to find elements in the logic factor that fit logically, with a fair frame factor of logic, incondensable fractions, diverse, and simple, to say the least of these is to become the less of what the factor involving logic means, whether it is through a dispute of an unfashionable stupidity of some lost sort, forgetting the tri basic of logic, and their meaningful display. We were born alone, and we will leave this world alone, for when you took on birth you were separate, even from your mother, for you were made solely whole, and alone, a viable, entity. Today when we, you awake, you will awaken alone, even if you wake up with that special person beside you, you will awaken alone.


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