We are the new, in the new. The second ago, a part of the past. Ever present, and taking on  new form, our feelings, and memories working together. What was a second ago exist in the past, and our present state is the now, and all that was a second ago, is synonymous with the past. here now, and at this present, we perceive at the highest senses, to be. The only one who exist with you is yourself. When you awaken, you will awaken alone. You will awaken with the present. the here, and now, at this moment. You are in the planes of the now. you are walking through this pathway, for the first time,and seeing it for the first time, though you have always exist in  it, and it has always been with you, you are now, for the fist time noticing it. The definition, of you, is the now with you, and you with the now. Every heart beat is a second ago. Now you are older than you were earlier in the day. The father is your experience, and the new is so tender. lessening the pain, and establishing the repairs, while you exist in the new path. The mirror of yourself is aging. Now you are awake, and what is long past exist in the second ago. You are free, from the second ago, and you exist in the now, beyond the present. The minute you place the ice cube on the table, it begins to melt. Today I dreampt that I was there, and so were they. It was a beautiful and, conforting experience being there with them, and then waking abuptly, letf me longing to be with them, as I am sure when we were disconnected, they too felt sadden, by my sudden return to this world.Even though, the separation was necssesary, I still wish that I were still there, yet even this memory I must learn to leave in the past. I treat it as an event that had to take place, yet now I must move on, existing in the present.


2 thoughts on “WELCOME TO THE NOW

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    • To be in touch with the self – in tune – within a channel – other channels are waiting. Each wave contains it’s own symmetric design, all souls are unique, and they can become pure, through careful observation in ones channeling. Remove every thought – from your mind, and start a fresh.

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