We transform, in whether it be , because our connected energy to a thought is so strong that we become what we believe we can become, and then there is that force, (Those Who Are Willing) to help us in our transformation, an alive content of deep seeded information, that they themselves have the ability, to install in us, as we are as computer’s ready for the software to be installed into our mind’s, even a group of software programming, if that is what you wish. I believe finding what work’s in our pursuit, and learning to read the information as it come’s in. This accumulation of information to our decree, may not seem like allot, yet it become’s the us’ – in where it overpower all we were, as we now become a new being, according to the program. So in this new dogma, of precepts in which we may begin to take interest, we begin a new shaping, according to the accumulation of information, it becomes our belief. This new state becomes, what we learn to trust when we begin to get results from the new program we some how learn to inherit. Let’s say for instance you are viewing a star in the heaven’s with a telescope, and that new piece of information become part of your program, yet you find yourself-re-examining that star the following evening. You learn that the terrain, of what you thought was a star, was actually a planet. Now you begin to take great interest in this planetary body, and begin to create a program for the research you are now involved in. So the same goes when we begin contact, or the channeling into an angelic entity, and when we are certain, or at least learning to trust that we have finally found something in our presence that is too real, we begin to build a trust bond, which also helps us understand the design, which incline us to a mutual respect towards our higher being, even towards this entity which GOD has sent from his kingdom to watch over us, and help us answer many of the questions we may have. Our transformation takes place in it’s own dimension, even as we go with it, we cannot return to be that person whom we use to be, for we become a new human being in a new place, even while we are still in this world, on this planet called Earth. Our transformation, should be done solely – discreet, without all the noise. Our transformation takes place in our mind, removing us from the old habits, all addictions’, even from those human’s who are an encumbrance to our spiritual growth. When are transformed only those who have transformed with us, which eventually we will come across; they will not conflict with us.


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