So the new is today, and the old a few seconds ago, we move on to grasp what we will design in the next second for tomorrow. A split second ago, is synonymous with the past, maybe more. Well for now we grasp onto the moment as we let go of a few seconds ago, to be here at present . In doing this we might have a mid-slit second of a thought, we may have to challenge, to abort, to create that extra synthesis, the one place, that is imperfect. The now away from the past, split second. The now as a whole complete, in seconds-metry, isolated from the the option of the kiln doubt. Free from doubt, free from concessions, of the dismal. The power of the now, in where no other existence, is present. The fields of knowledge, the comfort of the eternal emptiness, fit for the frame of life, to punctuate, the essence of perceptionism, in a mal-grafted world. The in formation world must be dissolved through our logic, printed in the past, by a moving freight train.What must take place in the now is the light of a new afternoon.The features of the harvested, what to make of this new plane, in this new place. The stones were lined up, so as to know us, and we knew them, through our senses, to keep with harmony what we found.
Did you know that even if you tried, you wouldn’t have to, it will already fit in, because it is it’s nature to fit in to the natural order of thing’s.


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