We transform, in whether it be , because our connected energy to a thought is so strong that we become what we believe we can become, and then there is that force, (Those Who Are Willing) to help us in our transformation, an alive content of deep seeded information, that they themselves have the ability, to install in us, as we are as computer’s ready for the software to be installed into our mind’s, even a group of software programming, if that is what you wish. I believe finding what work’s in our pursuit, and learning to read the information as it come’s in. This accumulation of information to our decree, may not seem like allot, yet it become’s the us’ – in where it overpower all we were, as we now become a new being, according to the program. So in this new dogma, of precepts in which we may begin to take interest, we begin a new shaping, according to the accumulation of information, it becomes our belief. This new state becomes, what we learn to trust when we begin to get results from the new program we some how learn to inherit. Let’s say for instance you are viewing a star in the heaven’s with a telescope, and that new piece of information become part of your program, yet you find yourself-re-examining that star the following evening. You learn that the terrain, of what you thought was a star, was actually a planet. Now you begin to take great interest in this planetary body, and begin to create a program for the research you are now involved in. So the same goes when we begin contact, or the channeling into an angelic entity, and when we are certain, or at least learning to trust that we have finally found something in our presence that is too real, we begin to build a trust bond, which also helps us understand the design, which incline us to a mutual respect towards our higher being, even towards this entity which GOD has sent from his kingdom to watch over us, and help us answer many of the questions we may have. Our transformation takes place in it’s own dimension, even as we go with it, we cannot return to be that person whom we use to be, for we become a new human being in a new place, even while we are still in this world, on this planet called Earth. Our transformation, should be done solely – discreet, without all the noise. Our transformation takes place in our mind, removing us from the old habits, all addictions’, even from those human’s who are an encumbrance to our spiritual growth. When are transformed only those who have transformed with us, which eventually we will come across; they will not conflict with us.


So the new is today, and the old a few seconds ago, we move on to grasp what we will design in the next second for tomorrow. A split second ago, is synonymous with the past, maybe more. Well for now we grasp onto the moment as we let go of a few seconds ago, to be here at present . In doing this we might have a mid-slit second of a thought, we may have to challenge, to abort, to create that extra synthesis, the one place, that is imperfect. The now away from the past, split second. The now as a whole complete, in seconds-metry, isolated from the the option of the kiln doubt. Free from doubt, free from concessions, of the dismal. The power of the now, in where no other existence, is present. The fields of knowledge, the comfort of the eternal emptiness, fit for the frame of life, to punctuate, the essence of perceptionism, in a mal-grafted world. The in formation world must be dissolved through our logic, printed in the past, by a moving freight train.What must take place in the now is the light of a new afternoon.The features of the harvested, what to make of this new plane, in this new place. The stones were lined up, so as to know us, and we knew them, through our senses, to keep with harmony what we found.
Did you know that even if you tried, you wouldn’t have to, it will already fit in, because it is it’s nature to fit in to the natural order of thing’s.

After The Human Life

We are here, yet we exist elsewhere; I hope that we are making that clear. This world, the people in it are in the illusion that this is merely a physical world, and I can understand why it is they may feel this way. Everything we see appear to be based on the physicality principle. I want to assure you that these principles, are only existent to those who believe this. Our world is made of of people, who were trained to go to school, to learn how read and write so that most people could get good grades which would eventually help them get good job’s in the future. We, the effort’s of our parent’s are not concentrated on teaching us the values, of spirituality, for it just doesn’t sound like something you will be discussing with your friend’s and family at a summer picnic. Their presence is their, these entities which are doing their best to communicate with us, to some extent. Their presence is real, you can be certain that they are everywhere, and that you won’t be wasting your time when you ask them a question, and your question is answered, and so even when we are about to exit these shell’s Human Bodies) we may find ourselves asking, are we still conscious, when we leaves these vehicles. I believe the answer to that question is yes, if we are connected, if we know ourselves, to the point where we are pure, where we have not experienced contamination with human being’s who are not connected; we can most certainly achieve this type of receptive communion. Just like we have achieved the ability to remain alert so can we also in our death achieved perfect receptiveness in spirit. I don’t know how many of you know this, but it is certainly true. I want to emphasize on this, currently, it is important that we know. It is important to know that our ability to achieving this comes from our creator allowing for us to keep this constant communication, and alert state of mind . even after leaving this existence, for it is a human existence. We are reborn, into a much higher density, and frequency level of tuning, or channeling at a higher, greater frequency, one not human, for we can only be human once. When we graduate from this life life time we may be willing to chose where we go from here, why wouldn’t our creator grant us that, especially if we are able to perceive the quality of obedience he expects of us, and we some how manage while here on Earth; to graduate as obedient being’s to him, becoming servant’s to our creator when we leave this existence.