There is so much that we have to look into, so many questions.
The ability to remain connected, without losing focus.
Standing by.Imagine going out one night to search the skies, and finding them; there above your head, as they are flashing their lights right when they pass above your head, right at that moment.
Now you are on your way back home, and you just had the most wonderful experience; you just witnessed the most beautiful (UFO), you have ever seen, even though it wasn’t your first-it’s just something you will never forget. I would say write about such beautiful experiences, even share it with the world, for others to notice. There are times; for those who already know; that it is indisputable, that when they come , they come in their form, and that could be in the shape of an orb, materializing inside your home, or out side of your home, or while you are camping, or in any environment, for when they appear they, appear on their own time frame, yet many of you may be so surprise when you have these encounters; that unless you know what they are, you may pass them off as simple illusions, not really connecting with these experiences, as factual encounters.