About The Formula I Am Sharing

I wish I could help all understand, yet we’ll only challenge one another,for Most people prefer to be right, to protect their character. No one wants to lose credibility, and so forth. I think that I have already lost credibility, in that most people think I was duped by (Heavens Gate),or by (DO), and this is absolute non-sense. I found that, the information DO was putting out there was very similar to the information I already had in my mind. When I first listen to DO speak it was as though he were speaking from my mind, and basically, just reiterating what I already knew To me. The point that I am trying to make, and I am glad I caught this early; is that for all who are seeking truth, for those who are sincerely seeking true answers about the Next Level; I think you are wasting to much time on whether the information I am sharing with you is my own, and not enough time on trying to read the information, the experiences I am sharing with you, as a unique formula, or sharing of my experience with you, so that you may know that there is a definite next level, communicating directly with us; not because TI, and DO said so, but because we are tagged recipients, on a task to finish where we left off.


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