Worlds And Their Purpose

In 2005, I noticed, during the time I was dating Lillian, my Sons mother; that there was a beautiful burning planet in our southeastern sky.
We thought at the time, when we were pregnant with our son Alex, that our Son would be sent forth from this planet, which we name (PLANET CEDAR) at the time, when we were just having a wonderful time.
A year after Alex was born, we wound up in the back, bedroom, in my grandmothers house, located in northeast Philadelphia, for I without expectation lost my Job.
During our stay there; 2006, through 2007; we noticed from our bedroom window the brilliance of this beautiful planet, I having no knowledge in science didn’t know what to make of it, so in my daily playful moods; continue to say that, “this was the planet our dear Son’s soul came from“, in hopes that he would be an asset to our world, because of how twisted our world has become.
As it turns out, this beautiful (Burning Planet) turn out to be, an unpredictable object, which many have tried to label with little success.
After leaving my grandmothers house we moved into an apartment in northeast Philadelphia, and found a job working in security to make ends meet.
I found myself staring at the Sun-ray’s coming through the department store window on a Sunday, and prayed to God to send someone who was of the dimension from those who knew the information which was pass down to me in 1989, the information I was given, that we were genetically design, and that we will have monitoring, and tracking inplants placed in our bodies through our food intake, and the military collecting most of our population, and placing them in concentration camps, where they will be processed.
I wrote that man will control the weather, and that we were manufactured elsewhere in our Universe, and bought here to Earth by highly evolved beings that were given the instructions to bring us here once we were manufactured.
As I spoke to GOD, in the presence of that Sunray of light, which crept into our store diagonally, I try to feel what it would be like when we leave our bodies, and if we would become absorbed by this diagonal
Ray of light, moving through the glass windows as it did, on that particular Sunday.
I began having thoughts of the possibilities That when we exit our bodies here on earth, that we if we received the information here on earth, while we were alive; would enter one of our nine planets, this would be a kind of spiritual evolution.
A couple of month from the time I ask Our Creator to send someone who had the information I received to share it with me, so that I would know the information was credible; a man dressed in black presented him self to me with the words “you asked the creator to send someone to you, who would have information pertaining to the possibilities, that there is life beyond this planet, in that case you are correct..
I too have received the information you, and others have received as well, for we are recipients to that information.
We are the messengers of this information, where you leave this planet to enter the next planet, that being one of the nine planets in our solar system.
He walked with me as he spoke, and I for one I was shocked beyond belief, yet I


asked myself could this person be some one of the lower forces send to me to entrap me, and have me believe that I was finally heard, and that the reiteration of information coming from him could be a mockery?
Anyway towards the end, or this being the middle of what is to come I told myself; yes it could be true that my prayer was answered, and a messenger was sent forth to tell me that GOD did listen to my cry, and send someone to tell me that my prayer was heard.
I ask of those who know this information to let the world know, let them know that you know, what you have been told, and shown, that there is life beyond this life, and this planet,; that this is not the end, that when we were given a soul ; it was given to us for the sake, that we cherish it, to the point where we would keep track of it, in knowing where it will go from here; this means having produced enough information from the next level, or recipients of that next level, or planet, to feel welcome enough there, for us to continue our mission to follow the information given to us while we were here, and pursue that information with all our faith, to the point where we can trust it, until the time in which we will naturally leave our bodies.
Well until this day I do not know who this person is, or his name for that matter, yet those of you, who have gone through this, know what I am saying, and I know with perfect certainty, that I will not have to repeat this.
As I began my walks at night, and staring at the night sky, I noticed somewhere between 12:00 am, and 3:00 am, the burning planet, hovering over the southeast, without question; it was something completely out of the norm.
For those who have had dreams which have interpreted to them, there is life in other planets, once we leave this one, through a tutor, or guide to the next, we being aware of this knowledge, should cherish it, and pursue it completely.
Please be aware of those individuals who will tell you that you are crazy, or that you need psychiatric help, or maybe your family want’s nothing to do with you, because you don’t preach what they know, or what they have been taught, and passed down to you., in which case this makes you a demon, and an enemy of the church, and your family.
My dear brother, and sister, I say to you hold fast to what you know.
Do not give in to those who have not received the information you have received, for this information was given to the very few.
Be of strengthening to that faith, for you know it is true, that there is no darkening of that faith, but knowledge towards its existence.
Faith intuition, and knowledge exist within the same realm; it has it’s position construct abiding to what is pure, and clean, and real, verses what is impure, and fix, inappropriate to fit the likes of those who create there way as they go in pure darkness to their approval, that to the opposite which they neither know, or understand, in this case meaning they never received the information; they will not recognize it when they hear it from the mouth of he, or she who has it.
World wake up, things, including entities do last forever, they are not temporary, to our time, or within our timeline, or trajectory within that time line, or temporary existence time line phase.
The photographs I have taken of what appears to be a burning planet, are not to be taken lightly, for not only is this planet burning, but also is changing shape


Continuously, something we cannot with all the scientific knowledge we have; explain.
We have no understanding of what it is, or where it came from, and if it will even head our way at this point; we just know that it is up there, and at this time, we don’t need a telescope to be able to picture it, for we can see it with the naked eye; if we can get the chemtrails out of the way.
I am with you, not against you, as I say to you; do not discard this object in the sky that comes from the southeast, for these images can be trusted, as signs being given to you that the end day’s of this civilization is very near.
I cannot stress this warning anymore, so let us move on to other things like; how do we evolve to the next level. Alternative, planet, at the time while existing on planet earth.
Well first, we have no attachments to this earth, or anything in it that go against the knowledge, we have pertaining to what we think, or know, is being offered to us, as candidates of next level realms, which, exist beyond this one.
My dear brothers, and sisters, I ask of you do you not see the signs.
Look at the hurricanes, the earthquakes, and the devastation across the earth, which is different from what we have known; this is only a small portion of the information that has been given to us?
Yes the object burns in the southeast, and that is where it rises in the morning, my question is this, since this is true, and you know that there is a star rising in the southeast, than answer this question, what is my main priority in solving the mystery behind that burning object. Where can I find the answers, and dose this, mean that I will not be able to come up with the answers at a human level?
Could Planet Venus be the next evolutionary level above, or beyond this one?
Please keep in mind the possibilities of this being true, and beyond that, we will continue to exist in all of the nine planets after exiting this one.
Please keep in mind, this possibility, for it could be, that when we leave here, our planet; we enter the next planet, that
Being one of our nine planets, and I will have to say, probably (Venus, Venus is the next door of life beyond this one, and then the one beyond that world. Venus; which I have information of, at this time, while in this life; is that, there is life on planet Venus when we exit Planet Earth, this I can reassure you is true.
Please be astute, and please be awake that you will know these things, as it would be given to you, and if you do not know them, then it is not your time either to receive this information, or you do not know the information, because it wasn’t given to you, or you have not been chosen, or given the opportunity to enter that gate.
Please do not despair, and know the information as it has been given to us, which you could trust, and if the information was not given to you, and you have not seen the planet burning in the southeast, then you were not enlightened, or were enlightened, and if you know this information, then trust it, believe in what has been pass down to you, do not doubt.
There are things, and subjects which we will not be able to wrap around our thoughts, and these subjects especially will involve the subjects related to the mysteries in our universe, and for one, why is the (Red Planet) burning the way that it is, and why is it not on the news, yet it has been reported that, we have had pole shift’s in the past couple of years, to the point where the earth axis have shifted at least 3 inches, I don’t know what to say, except that it might be true, or at least credible information, yet we know; our earth is unpredictable, yet according to


Science the readings for 2010, terrain crust displacement
The video footage I submitted this year, 2011, is that of a burning object, or planet, within our solar system, not related to any of our nine planets, that is, unless they have the ability to change shape, and form at will.
There is the mention that we would be taken up on the date 21/05/2011, yet I would like to share with you that, every man, and woman has time, or time given to them to evolve, and to experience the presence of the creator, and the guides send to us help us understand when they are close to us, and where we would be at the time that we are, where we find ourselves at that time, or from the time we discover, our guardian, guides.
Therefore, I think that it is very important to keep track, and try to keep up with the daily lessons of our teachers, or guides sent to us, and learn to listen to those who are here on earth, with information you know pertains to you, and trust it.
I think that to believe that you will burn in hell if you keep in touch with guides, is misinterpretation of what we have been taught throughout the year is, thinking solely that God himself will take care of everything,
Including lifting us up into the heavens, without the aid of a flying vehicle of some sorts. Please look at this planet, which is in our southeastern skies, please observe it, why is it set in flames, as it comes our way.
I’m showing you this, as other have also taken pictures, and video footage, of this object, as I am now sharing this with you so that you will know what is coming,


To become familiar with our teachers, who some may call demon’s, if you are a Christian, and others may call crazy if they have no familiarity with what it is, or who it is you have made a connection with; that is unless, they, (The Teachers); have made a connection with you first, and have chosen you, from the million group, for this arduous task, that you would eventually share with the world, if, and when you are ready to do so.
The unavoidable thing here, is the regret many of us will have if we didn’t pursue this information with all our might, once it has been passed down to us, we should take great faith in it.
When we are asleep, and the informers come into our bedrooms, and proceed to lift our consciousness, inducing fragments of information, pertaining to us, in relation to the offered mission, consistent with an-enteric evolution which will involve a pre-exchanging of information we will need to familiarize our selves, of their intended task, in which case we will; if we so far desire can become a part off, if we chose to, once the information has been past down to us, once the chip has been planted in our human mind,. For intense arriving at a plateau on (Planet Venus),


And being welcomed there by the ancestors of that world, who tour us through the environment, and introduce us to their governments there, and so forth, boy if it were only like that, it’s not, what happens is; when you awaken there, you will begin to have memories of your lifetime on Planet Earth, and will probably at a higher level, of reception; be able to become a product of knowledge as your teachers were, when they went to Earth
To install the fragments of information which you, while present in Planet Venus, would have become a graduate of.
Please remember the when you are there on Planet Venus, you will continue to have instructors there, who will guide you on how to get to the next Planet, something we do not have on this Planet; (Planet Earth).
The teachers there on Planet Venus main objective is to teach us how to evolve to where we would be going to next, once a substantial amount of information has been faithfully perused.
I have a strong premonition, but it’s just strong premonition, and in theory, beyond science fiction; that the next Planet after evolving from Venus; would be Planet Uranus, yet I also know all of that could change, from what I understand, there are many chambers in space, and the rule’s are more difficult to follow as we evolve from Planet, to Planet; except for the faithful few, who have mastered obedience to this ordinance.
One of the major principles, on Planet Venus is obedience, to the astral latter of evolution, unlike here, where we earn a certificate, diploma, or degree, to move into a job, which will require great responsibility.
Once you have evolved from Planet Earth, and enter Venus, your main responsibility is to master the astral schools, and without a degree to prove yourselves, or ourselves worthy of moving on to the next world, by elevating your energy, frequencies to the extent of becoming a candidate, to enter that evolutionary level above Planet Venus.
The dreams states there, are very much like the dreams state we have here, except that, you are constantly pre-plug into your soul receptors, which consist of finding, and binding, of wave particles, and multiplying them to yours.
This is possible through (DNA) model processing tuning, which can help a Venusians to achieve.
The question is this how we resolve the (Red Planet) dilemma; since it is already up there, and deep within our solar system, and already causing havoc; we don’t know if what is up there is in tuned with the worlds reality, that we don’t have all the answers, isn’t true, or are we so arrogant to believe that we do; no we don’t, I’m sorry to say, well I shouldn’t be sorry, but disappointed, in the first place, not as someone who will judge, but as someone who is being judge by our creator, him, or her self, or both, in all due respect.
I am not going to get involved in this subject at this time, though it doe’s mean a lot.
I think that the most important subject matter at this point is; that we connect with our perspective mission; that which pertains to the (Red Planet); well if you wish to think in that way, then that is the way in which you will be persuaded to pursue.
I will not waist my timeline here; I have to step back, because the life is being suck from me.
Let’s make it simple; those who were already given this information; will know, that I am not lying to you, and that at this moment I am concern that you are saying


To yourselves; oh yeah, like we have not heard of this before.
I will rest on this page and just kind off step back for a while, as I take a breather from this information, which I am attempting to deliver, to you, at this time, which is more than I can think at this point, do not think for one moment that this information is pointless. I stake my life unto our creator, and if you know these things, I would not be challenged.
The scorching of our heat stricken day’s, and the leaving of Pisces, and the welcoming of Aquarius, what an interesting time, but not for the Aquarian’s, More, or less, for all of us, a new age has risen, in which case; it certainly has appeared, even the heaven’s have taken on a new form: in this case, changes will take place when the burning planet passes through our solar system, which will take about 3 years to complete it’s orbit; in our time.
Sensation in our brain, even vibrations in the soul’s mind, those who continue to receive this information, and those who continue to try to understand it.
How many Planets will we visit, after completing our life cycles, in our solar system?
The visibility of most planets, are to us, marvelous to look at, and seem impossible to reach, yet we are as energy, which dissolve within our atmosphere, and electrically absorbed into the magnetosphere, and revived, in a new life, one consistent with what we learned before exiting our bodies.
I see objects in space traveling for many long distances; not falling into our atmosphere as meteorites do, yet traveling at a straight distance, very steady, until vanishing into deeper space; all in the past 20 years.
The UFO’S usually appears over our head. Alternatively, directly above us, and this is more recurrent when we feel that they are directly above us. No, meteorites do not move in a straight horizontal line; instead, they burn as they are falling to earth vertically. Not horizontally; traveling in a straight trajectory, for many miles, and burning constantly as UFO’S do.
I am also a believer, that if they could fly within our atmosphere as they do, with the calm approach as they do; it is because they have nothing to hide, they might even be responsible for manufacturing us through our creator’s agenda?
It is possible that they came from above (Outer Space), and we were in incubated containers which they held within their hand’s, and they themselves were within an oval cylindrical vessel, which had been engineered to move through our atmosphere, as you have seen many times, yet these are individual vessel’s which use the electro magnetic polarity through space atmospheric photon’s to pull themselves abruptly through the earth magnetosphere as we have witnessed for so many year’s.
When they arrived with us; (Man, and Woman); the being never touched the earth, for they were pure. We, the first human’s were taught how to learn, and understand how to survive, and evolve, this includes learning how to live through cold winters, and hot summers, under storms, snow, heat waves, tornado‘s; you name it.
When the being‘s who bought us here were sure that we could make it on our own; they returned to whence they came; leaving us here on Planet Earth to fetch for ourselves.
Yet they didn’t leave us completely alone; they have returned many times to check on God’s creation, trough their manufacturing us , and because they feel responsible to the creator, they check on us for the sake of our evolution, not just here on earth,


but our evolution elsewhere in our Universe, and the very few of us who know this
Will be watched, and guard by them, the very engineer’s of us.
Now are they the recipients of Planet’s within our Solar System, or could they are from further out in space, or even from the heavenly kingdom level itself, which is the highest location of space, or is heaven an inter-dimensional realm, and we are the portals.
When we are born from our mother, and of course the female reproductive system being a clone model extension of the first 1000 female models; could it be possible that all women contain within their uterus a portal dimension in which the nucleus in the egg is part of a manufacture’s factory, able continue contact through the mean’s of waves channeling through the faith that a child would be born through her, and this faith alone being a chemistry; provide the channeled (Mother), with the ability to activate the portal within her uterus to commence the process of life with the existing universe influence, taking place in space while rewarding the mother through ability to procreate?
What if we had the ability to genetically design humans, with God providing the soul, I don’t believe we would be able to achieve that, because man, and women have not achieve that level of trust with our creator.
First of all we would have to travel through many planets, after leaving this one when we move out of our bodies, or when we die, and keep a steady a credited information which we would earn, and gain as we live , and die in each of the nine planet’s, graduate in soul fusion exercises, or classes in order for us to achieve the level’s of knowledge needed to be able to produce souls; this has to be the highest graduate level of existence anywhere in our Universe, or God’s universe.
Man, and women, would have to live in other planet’s to learn how the occupant’s there live, for instance, man, and women would learn, of what kind of (DNA) exist there, on that planet, and then they would learn the constituents behind the soul’s particle, even attend an establishment, of interest in the subject of the soul’s, which as graduates of the next level, the master, and teachers who reside there know, yet remember they never stop seeking greater knowledge, for they, the trusted one’s in our creator’s eye’s will always’ chose the responsibility to even insert the soul themselves, as they learn through the creator knowledge to do so, when they bought us here, a long time ago.
I understand that devices like to one we use here, are not purchased in the next level planet, because they would learn at a much more advance rate, to create, or design their own, by learning at and early age; how to use their planet’s resources, to create anything that is necessary, to help them through their daily lives.
This type of maturity, is what gives them a higher level of intelligence over ours, and as your soul move’s on into varies planet’s; you will have varies level’s of knowledge, accumulated from each one.
You will compile great knowledge to enter the next planet as you leave one; to graduate into completely new wisdom; you will need to live in the next level up from the last.
One example of this great scientific evolution in our solar system; is the abilities these entities have to capture imagery for instance; taking a photo of an object they see, and storing, and manipulating the object by photonically charging the image, or object they visually capture, within their minds.
Once a solid model of it is created; they distribute copies to one another, as we do here when we read a book we like, and then we try sharing it with others through


Our recommendation. Therefore, when we sense what we believe to be true, usually it is true and many others knows this information.
For instance; the date’s December 2012, trough January 2013, may be crucial dates as far as the warning provided to us by certain survival groups, which have spread. At this moment in time, with some success, for our benefit’s, yet that information, is a well organized information package to save the human race, our children, our wives, our mother, and father’s, families, and friend’s; yet though the intension is great, and many would probably survive the catastrophic event’s which are coming; through these well organized group’s; many of us also know, when it will be time to pack up , and leave , for we have been given the sign’s.
We were given the sign’s to leave society behind, and make pure of ourselves; somewhere in our human kingdom; that we be in seclusion from society, in order that we cleanse our mind’s, and restore it with the information provided to us through higher sources, the same sources which awakened us to what we presently know of that level, or the kingdom of heaven, in Part; our (Solar System), and how we would evolve, from here to the next world in our solar system.
In other word’s once, we have this information, and the knowledge we have behind this information, will most likely grow, day by day.
The Red Plant, for instance, might be a Tran’s portal, which we would board, before, or after the Earth is devastated by the Red Planet’s presence, because of its electromagnetic pull, and we do feel that, it is during a warm season, when this will take place.
There are those who say; oh how I would like to live in an underground bunker, in hope to live a bit longer , when the catastrophic event’s pass, because on route towards tomorrow you do not know where you will go next once you leave your body behind during a catastrophic event.
This is why it is so important to know your guide’s, and your creator, who send you , your guides; they are here to help you prepare in your evolutionary process, including keeping in check, so that you know that they are still here; with you, and that there is nothing to fear, for they have done this many time’s before.
Even though you were made to tell the story, and to liberate many from there confusion , you yourself know that it isn’t enough, and that there is much work that should be executed in order that recognition will fall in place, so that the world, or people will learn to recognize this information without fear, or apprehension .
Please note that I didn’t begin this theory as you might think, out of nothing, or the need for fame, and fortune; this provision of information is very real; dating back to 1971; while laying on my bed late at night watching my light bulb go out, and having a very strong vibration work itself into my young ear’s; producing a sound, that would overcome my powerless body completely, to the point where I would just wait to see where this would go.
I noticed a round light about the size of a volley ball coming in through my window, and moving in through my bedroom wall, and I following it, while completely paralyzed, with this very consistent, powerful vibration in my ear’s, and at the same time magnetized to my bed, not being able to move what so ever.
At this time, I knew that what ever would follow, would be the presence of an entity, which would pay me a visit for whatever purpose it had in mind.


I knew it would be something greater than I knew back then, as the entity began to make itself known to me, when I was only eleven years old, and I feeling totally helpless; I could do nothing but wait for the presence of this entity to make itself known to me.
I noticed the spherical light becoming dimmer, as if hiding in the bedroom closet. There was a loud ring in both of my ears, which somehow caused complete immobilization of my entire body; when suddenly this entity appears before me; where I in fear began to curse at it.
The entity, trying to help me feel at ease spoke to me, saying do not curse’ it isn’t nice for young men to curse, and at that point, and time, the entity place my pillow over my head to keep me from staring at him; right there, and then my spirit left my body. Exiting through my bedroom ceiling, and into space, where I found myself on a Pegasus horse on my way to a planet just like this one; where the tumbleweed, tumbled, on a desert landscape, very much like the landscapes in our western regions.
I noticed carved reservation on the many mountains, which we came across, and when we flew into them, to get a closer look, we saw silhouette images, which appeared as whole families living there in these carved reservations.
Yet they were a silhouettes they had know details, just a mass of darkness with human likeness.
I remember returning to earth as we moved in through my bedroom ceiling where I noticed the entity standing in front of my dresser, and opening the center drawer, as it began to stare inside, a light came in through my bedroom window, and surrounded the being to the point where the being became as flames, and left with the light which took the being upward, and through my bedroom window, without damaging the window what so ever.
I believe after spending some time in the sea, and contemplating of what I had experience as a child; made me much more aware of the possibilities; that there is definitely life every where in our galaxy, and universe;
These thoughts were universal for me at age 15, remembering those 4 years left behind me, when I was 11.
I did not lose contact with the subject, and always felt a presence, which was constant, and persistent until this day; yet I trying my best to keep my mind busy studying other subjects; such Buddhism, Krishnamurti, Zen, Lao Tzu, I Chin, the book of Change, and many other subjects; I guess; I was trying to keep my mind as busy as possible, in hopes to learn new knowledge, which would be effective in helping me understand the many mysteries we as humans have exercised throughout our human history; to help achieve a formulae which I may be able to construct to break in through the portal of our universe, in hope that I make contact with intelligent entities which might be able to provide me with the data I needed to be more as they are; and of course I did a lot of this research on my own; in other words never shared this information with any of my family member, or young friends; although I wish I had, because I know many of them would have


Benefit from it. I do remember a dear friend introducing the existence of extraterrestrial to me, when I was 15years of age, and how I immediately felt drawn towards the subject in a natural way; as we stared at planetary bodies in space, burning as of a ball of white flames moving through our skies, and don’t I mean meteorites falling to earth on a diagonal course; I mean object surrounded by a white cloud of fire traveling on horizontal course over head.
One of the most important subjects, and the one I believe to be most typically ignored; is the elements, or component of elements that make up a (UFO‘s); in other words what is an Unidentified Flying Object made of?… get ready; luminous magma, mercuric, acidic photon’s, in other words organic based elements which have the ability to overlap the universes electro magnetic dimensions which they can use as portals to transport in and out of planets, where they will appear to us to materialize, and dematerialize at will.
I believe the atmospheric particle oxidation may also help the process of creating , aiding greater transferable dimension possibilities, in the atmospheric tranpoartional process, as induced model layers of light usage during particle physics of astral- magma intake to each model creating a structural gravitational incubated sphere for greater speed ejection, from any of the four corners of the universe.
Remember that the flying vessel and the entity occupants of the flying vessel are as one object, since they are an energy-based element of existing bodies which vehicle function are based on the manipulation of source photonic circuital connection between the beings’ inside the vehicle, and the flying vessel.
So they being one with their soul which is beyond the soul which we can understand to be of a higher weight in vibration unlike our, or, even those of higher places, they to have a unique, and upgraded, and greater energy volts, of iridescence to ours, in conjunction with having the ability to manipulate a flying vessel with their palm imprint, and their minds, soul, very un-like ours.
So the submission service to that which pertinent, and exchange for the temporal existence, is our option; we can accomplish much in this factor transitional state, a factor plus, when we pursue the implanted goal towards that particular perspective agenda, even through our most, mind, and soul loaded with problematic situation’s ascend upon us; it is vital that we remain.
Becoming stable minded could be of some challenge here on earth with other earthlings try to pry open your soul with there corrupt control, of dying population, and even a possible (Extinction Level Event); it’s race, agent’s, race, and good vs. evil to the max, all out war instigated by in moral ignorance, and power hungry insignificants.
This struggle to induce a higher level of power created by depleting generation will cease to exist through their manipulated wars, and mass extinction which humans will create themselves; meanwhile it is important, for those who have been given the information to guide, and protected it, as we carefully share it with the world, hoping for the greater numbers to grow, to the point where they can no longer be jolted by what is occurring around us.
Substance of reassurance is given to us, as we continue to channel the information into our soul, as we continue to see unravel, as truth.
The existence of entities that have, and will continue to chose us as one.


So heretically how do we ingest the preparation for anything of abnormality to us in that we are but mere human so we think not completely true we are magnificent being manipulated to conformation of existence not ours, of not allowed to keep the original relaxed and sure state of mind living day by day in fear not being , or becoming total through our free will but rather controlled by the like of those who want to keep the control factor alive for their benefits, and their children’s benefits.
At this point, and time those who designed us know as well, and some have even kept track of us even through some of our harshest moments, they have made total contact with us, and have made many visitation with us and instead we, or many have chosen not to believe, and by doing so they have also chosen, not to pursue such an idea, one that might remove them from societies norm.
Many have chosen better to be of the norm-than to be ridiculed for communicating with what they believe are the un-seen beings that most people make up as they go.
This of course we know is not true, our experiences gap beyond the little grey extraterrestrials, or the little green men-of course this notion that we believe in the existence of little grey extraterrestrial; when we have surpassed that, through our experiences with actual living being, which have been with us all our lives; have to; by those of us who have had experiences, beyond the human norm.
Not having to tap into any dimension for we are total to those dimensions, we feel it in our sleep, and in our displaced locations where we might find ourselves at times, knowing that we are out of place here many times, and we try to find the way through many situations, in hopes to reconnect with our true perspective mission, but someone always manage to find us, and talk us out of any abnormal path more likely for them, and rather than we trusting our teachers, we rather trust those who are respected in society, because they appear to have made there life here in a way that only those who lived by the rules, and were obedient to the demands of others, wouldn’t have wanted any other way, and this case when we begin to parse those we wish we were like, we begin to turn our backs on our path, which is a very clear and simple life, and that is do not give your all to this place, this world, or people.
Know your total mission, your calling to pursue with all that you have to enter that world which you are ready to enter if you can except, and through your dedication have enough knowledgeable information of to feel whole, and continue to prepare for the grand day in which you will come face to face with those who know you, even greater than you know yourself.
It is likely that we may be forgiven for making bad decisions about participating in an unreachable world, when we are so busy here on earth trying our best to make this untransitional life work for us on temporary grounds, because that is what there


place means to us unknowingly, it is a stagnant hole with nowhere to go, a dead end.
Yet for those who have made up their minds, and know well the recipients of that higher place who have made total and sincere contact with us; they will prevail. Into a model affiliated to that environment which eventually will become home to those who believed even through the toughest of earth trials.
So what of planet (Cedar); what turn out to be of great brilliance to us, to many, and for us, who have been connected to this Planetary body, and , or it’s recipients, and what is possible to come, and is near, and what of our solar system, and it’s planet’s, and any changes, that are up there now. In addition, how about the ever increasing knowledge that we are given, by the higher up non-earthly recipients?
Cedar a name made up, or a planet named by the messengers of this planet?
The deeper one may think one must go the further one is, from any knowledge shared by these superior entities.
Therefore, in a clear case of accumulated knowledge, one would go with the information one has accumulated, along with the evolving of the soul many go through when partaking in this process.
We must not allow ourselves to be convinced, or manipulated anymore than we not want to eat an unpleasant piece of food.
Remembering that they are our guide in everything, and that we have certainty, in our position, as carriers of this information, and we trust it, for we should have transformed with it.
Adapt to your new planet before you get there by trusting in the information given to you by your guardians while you are here now.
There is comfort in the comfort others may feel when it comes to being here day by day, and succumbing to all that is required of them to make it here on earth, vs. what you know is part of a constant foreground of information you will be accumulating in order that you become significantly ready to enter that planet.
So yes, preparation is vital for this transition.
Preparation is absolute.
Preparation is the key to transformation.
Preparation will ensue a sincere connection between yourself, and your guide.
Preparation is the discipline required for a complete transformation.
Preparation should create a gradual separation between you, and world.
You will no longer need the thing’s, and habits you once had such as attachments, or addictions.
Your body becomes a temple for the soul, slowly abandoning any shelter your physical vessel is accustom to living in, as it prepares the soul to encompass a new vessel, in a new world, or planet.
I guess it is important to let others know, that there is life in all of our nine planets, speaking, including our sun, and providing we have the appropriate DNA.
So let us prepare at this time, let us not ignore those who visit us from the worlds, which we will occupy.
Distant as many may believe, we know that the time is near for our departure, and remembering that this is inevitable, we ask that the world in which we live in at this time meaning, people; understand, and respect this find, and allow for us to live our remaining day’s in a circle of diligent pursuit.
We have been designated to such a place, remembering we were there let us not forget; earth is a stepping-stone.

Therefore, we are the product of an old product.
We are majors in a circle of a maze of humans wanting to express our found knowledge in a lower circle, of diluted fusion, with no detected basic to allow a feasible flow of consciousness to exist; there for it is vital that we make time to evolve in a unconscious plane parallel to a latter that would lead us there.
It is as gold in a room, viewed by many, and though many want to own it, they respectfully prefer not to take it, without purchase, and then there is one who comes along, and reminds his, or herself that; that single piece of gold will not rust, or shed, or rust, or stain; in other words they know the value of this existing element, and so because they know the value of this unique element; they barter, and they work extremely long hours to afford it, so they save up plenty of money before going to the viewing of this beautiful piece of gold, or unique piece of element, saving , and gathering enough money to be able to afford it.
Owning this valuable piece of element, the new owner begins to think of way has to put this new unique beautiful source to use; he may already have a use for it, it being the reason he purchased it to begin with.
The same thing happens when we are chosen; the process is the same, as is the intension.
We are savored, and cherished by our teachers, our guardians, as the angels, which appeared in the past to many holy men, and women, only now we know that they who were classified as angel, were actually recipients of other planets, and other solar systems, and the level’s go on, and on, until finally reaching the heavenly kingdom, where our creator abides.
Why would they need us you say, well, because they designed us?
We are replicas of one another, and of there creations, as they were trained, and taught by others superior to themselves, and those who are superior in the department of creative intuitions provided by the ultimate creator, which exist at the highest level of creation.
Let those who know this indulge them further, and let not their faith be disturbed, yet many will be as our enemies for they will see our knowledge as a form of separatism from their world, and we as odd vanishing numbers.
The entities engineer our soul, as an automobile when it is fine-tuned by the car mechanic’s; with system care, for optimal use on a rough, and dangerous road, or even, an expressway.
There is a connection that we develop which is at a greater grade of existence than the one we have with our mothers, and father; a much more unselfish, non-egotistic relationship, than the one we have with our entire family members or friends here on earth.
Here on planet earth we feed our bodies with foods that are nutritious to our vessel, yet there in our new upgraded world we feed our evolved souls, with a different element of nutrition, and as we evolve to into the world beyond that one, our nutritional element upgrade is even more versatile than the last planet we were from.
So be the ant on this planet, it is smaller than a dog, in size, yet else where; what is larger, and stronger here, could be larger, and weaker there.
When you begin to see the light in your bedroom in the shape of volleyball; know that the teachers are near; let them in, or miss your chance forever to evolve beyond this world.
Be not afraid, instead be of great joy, for the day has come for you to prepare to begin a close, and sincere relationship with the recipients of your next planet.


Facing all that is taught to you with trust, and diligence in pursuing the information, and listening to their warnings, and advice, you will begin to notice objects in the sky, you never noticed before, and your sight will be set on a particular geography in space, which you will continuously be drawn to.
Preparation also requires that we slowly give up eating what we would normally consume.
Preparation also requires that we give up drinking the fluids we would normally drink, except for your which is a natural consumption element, and can assist in charging , and fine tuning your vibrations, and even aid you in cleansing your vessel, or body if you will; water for instance.
Remember this; we don’t give up eating what we normally eat, because we want to be on some diet, of some sort’s, because we want to look beautiful, and slim for the human race, but because we are trying to gain strength in removing the things we are highly attached to, slowly building an independence from every single product, or item we know of, eventually becoming dependent of the information we are receiving and building the muscle necessary to abolish all dependencies, enslavement to any, and every product ever invented.
This type of overcoming would help build dependency to the soul, which is eternal rather than the body, which is temporary.
If we observe an ant we can see how it does not inner act with us dependently, it reacts only to their objective mission, the same should we do in our pursuit towards the higher plane of existence without compromising our efforts towards any other mission except to trust, when our masters, our teachers, our guides, acknowledge us.
The response to them is our progress, here, and on the next planet, and the one that follows.
Our vessels here contain blood corpuscles to our anatomical makeup, where there could be mercuric, acidic fluids, which sustain the vessels given there.
As we progress to the next, the vessel sustaining elements could be made up of gas, and light energy elements, and as we continue to maintain an intimate, loyal relationship with the next planet, we become more complex, and closer to the element make-up of those who are of the ultimate plane.
We will eventually be as those who designed us.
Our creator watching our every progress, and using those who designed us to lead us through the enduring progress.
The substance in our soul make-up is one of progress through the knowledge we obtain.
It is an arduous task, as we see, and learn at every level, and every planet.
We become consumers, of a acceptable design, which shape our understanding, and give us the green light application which help us to maintain a constant telepathically connection with our teaches, as they help us make our way closer to what the creator of our universe has made of them, our teachers, and even greater.
So now that we understand the tree latter. Let us evaluate ourselves a bit here, at this moment, and slowly collect what we already know, or what you have already accumulated before you read this information.


Planet Earth.
Planet Venus.
Planet mars.
Planet Mercury
Planet Uranus
Planet Neptune
Planet Saturn
Planet Jupiter
Yes, even the non-Planet Pluto.
Our Sun
Our Moon, especially our Moon most definitely is a great part of our evolutionary transition to the next, whether it is Venus, or Mars; we are using these two planets as short examples, to help us understand the rest of the transitional process.
Titanium is a Moon based element which is needed in order that our soul make-up absorb these needed particles before entering Planet Venus, for example; We need sulfur an element which is abundant on Planet Venus; so when we combine it to our soul element we are automatically enhancing our metaphoric model, and when we enter Planet Mars, we enter an atmosphere of iron oxide; an element added to the Titanium we received from the Moon, and sulfur the element added to our soul, from Planet Venus.
Therefore, so far we have three very distinct elements:
Iron Oxide.
When we enter Planet Mercury we; our souls, partake an instant enhancement due to the Planet’s silicate particles, these (Silicate particles) combine with the (Titanium Particles), combine with the( Sulfur particles), combine with the (Iron Oxide); can induce an outstanding magnetic portal, fusion density, which can aid in evaporation of time particles, by a layer subtraction process.
Now we are in Planet Uranus, composed of Methane, and Ammonia and water, now we have additional particle, this enhances the Titanium, the Sulfur, the Iron Oxide, the Silicate particles to the extent of creating a luminous element with an almost independent atmosphere consistent with an engine tool to enter and exit through ominous particles fusion layers, which can shapes particles geometrically to construct a gas like, energy light model which is also consistent with mass, and degasification.
This allows for a desymmetrification as well, while the construction of a new constructive process is at hand.
Neptune is composed of water, methane, ammonia, elements that can definitely enhance the ammonia, and methane particles we received, or embodied from Planet Uranus, along with the Titanium, from the Moon, along with the sulfur from Planet Venus, along with the iron oxide from Planet Mars, and the silicate particles from Planet Mercury.
Now we have to understand the remodeling process here, because we are now substituting the rich elements of the methane, and ammonia from the Planet Neptune, over the Methane, and ammoniac elements of the Planet Uranus, and lets not forget the differences in the water elements of these two planets, one reversing the others temperatures, and luminance.
The elements of Planet Saturn, and Planet Jupiter, which compositions of Hydrogen, and helium, are the two most powerful elements, besides our Sun which when combined with, the Silicate of Mercury, the Titanium of the Moon, the Iron Oxide


Of the Planet Mars, the Sulfur of the Planet Venus, the Methane, Ammonia, reversal effects, and interactive partitions, create a nearly atomic aluminum, acidic light based energetic, ultra violet, invincible element.
Planet Pluto’s carbon monoxide, and nitrogen ice gases can become even more massive interrelated with the consumptive process of the Moon‘s titanium, Mars iron oxide, Neptune’s methane, and ammonia, Venus’s sulfur, Mercury’s silicate particles, Uranus’s methane, and ammonia particles, and even a more potent grade of inner symmetric category of bending elements within with the help of the heavily induced particles injected by Hydrogen, and helium from Saturn, and Jupiter.
When we combine all of these elements to our always-evolving soul, and continue the process of entering each planet one at a time, the unique design of every element is the perfect DNA construction needed to enter each planet, and to comfortably live there without any discomfort, while preparing to transition into the next.
Now that we have studied this section a bit, let us try to imagine any significant changes to our energy source, or our soul at this point.
Our soul as we know, in a religious sense; is hard to see.
We reach out to it by what we feel, we try to keep it pure to please our creator, yet we continue to struggle with our faith, in conjunction to our soul’s existence.
Let us start fresh here; let us pretend we never heard of the soul for instance.
Let’s pretend we are on our own; well to do that we would have to remember that we unlike batteries are plugged into an unseen cable, or extension plug, which keeps us energized at all times.
Our faith is based on our physical strength, and how much we have of it, including our intelligence, and how we depend on our sanity to be able to intellectually make sound-minded decisions on a daily scale.
Now let us assume we had no strength to help us get through our daily chores, and let us assume we had not the intelligence to call someone on the phone to help us if we needed their help, in which case we would if we were old, and brittle I am sure.
If we had no strength we would ask for strength wouldn’t we?, and if we had know intelligence we would ask for intelligence wouldn’t we, and if we didn’t ask our creator, or some superior being to provide us with these, we would do for ourselves wouldn’t we, because we have been given the chemistry design to help us understand how important these two elements are.
In other words we have been trained to understand that, strength, and intelligence are vital to our survival, because those who taught us well, to understand this; knew these two surges of characters well.
These two mayor characters have been put to a test in many ways.
They are as important as day, and night.
They are a significant part of our survival.
Now if you were to abandon these two elements from your lives, what would you use to fine-tune your life to accustom your selves to in conjunction with your ability to understand this time in which you exist?
How would you channel into what is necessary, and what is useless.
How would we know when we are hungry, if we had not the programming to remind us that we are hungry?
Our souls are providers of these elements through the given programming by our teachers who left us here with this knowledge.


These two elements are very important for our survival, in the human world.
Downgrading these factors to upgrade another factor is equally as important, for they are both synonymous with evolution, depending on what part of the plane you want to be in.
There is life and traffic in our space atmosphere as there is traffic and life here on earth; equally, you see, equally.
As we leave our bodies, and thus we are taken to our designated locations where we will begin our new lives, our responsibilities will be great when we find ourselves more involve, and thus strengthening our trust in our teachers, and maintaining a connection with them, and those who are above them; those who we trust, those who know us.
When we stare into the night skies; we stare at a specific location, and they are always there, sometimes lighting up directly above our heads.
They are letting us know that they know where we are at all times; it is their way of reminding us.
When we tell others, they usually pass it off as cute, or oh, how nice, rather than connect to what it is we are saying.
We are sharing a great part of ourselves; they have no idea what it is, they are missing.
Now we are preparing, now is today, lets stay focused we already know what we know, and we are only going to know more as the clock ticks, and it is time we stop switching sides.
It is time for loyalty to this information, it is the time to protect this information, and it is the time to protect ourselves as well.
I believe also that many will become violent to this subject matter, when we discuss it with them, or with others, I guess we will find out when we are faced with a violent individual, who is bitter, and doesn’t want to hear anything at a moment in their life that would require a lot of thinking, especially when they are so tired, of working to try to find some peace of mind through it all.
It becomes more unbearable when you see so many lies out there on Earth instigated by the world, and you want honesty at your doorstep, and instead you find corruption of thought in every individual, thus will they attack your subject, or the very important information I am sharing with you.
I guess this is something we should remember as well, for those who have this information already; keep it to you.
Do not share this information with everyone.
Remember you are in danger, for this information was with you at birth, and when we were growing we felt out of place, as was our mind completely involved in this subject matter, when our teachers in school would shout at us across the class room; “stop day dreaming son “; remember those days?
When you were staring into the skies looking for something greater, remember those days?
When we stared at an object a found an additional dimension to everything; remember those days?
Give them; those from above, who have come here; the credit they deserve.
You are now plugged into this large universe, which you are connected to.
You are also a part of this vast universe, as are those who do not know this.
If you are to share this information with your family members please remember that they will be the first ones to ridicule you.
Learn to approach them with the knowledge you have, not with the subject matter.
If you are married, and you have awakened; love your family quietly, and pursue the subject matter quietly, and in secrecy, sharing only the knowledge part if you will.

Well, all is attainable now.
You have the information.
What do you do with it?
I guess the perfect thing to do right now, is to undo everything anyone else has taught you throughout your life, and grasp onto what is pure of the information the beings have shared with you.
This information wills undoughtedly grow day by day, you will begin to make comparisons through your years, and you will see how far you have come.
You will be given new information per day, and you will noticed this when you are given improved information which will automatically stand out to any information you already have, or what comes in between the accumulated information.
When you invent a new device for instance, and though it is simple; it is perfect, and powerful, and the best part of all; it last forever.
Therefore, we are already beginning to see how well we are preparing to move into the next world; we are becoming prepared.
Once we are in a state of realization, or enlightened, awakened; we are plugged in.
We are guided at this point through everything we do.
We are constantly connected.
We are given vital and constructive information through our dreams.
We hear, and understand others, as though they were transparent.
We become unlimited.
The potential for growth dose not override our patience.
Space becomes more of a familiar place to us.
Earth becomes more of an unfamiliar place.
The beauty of earth is highly appreciated, yet we become bigger than earth even though we are not trying to.
We begin to see, completely, and complete images in everything, in every item, on every object.
We become more familiar with physics.
We even learn to heal ourselves.
We meet people in our dreams that are pertinent to our future.
We visit the underground cities in our dreams (1989); only thing is; it is a distasteful place to us.
We begin having precognitive dreams.
We learn how to create new and unique inventions through our dreams.
We begin to speak to others about our experiences; not a good idea.
So again, we must keep this information very low key if you will.
Do not be afraid to ask for more information, but remember; you are already connected to the information.
You will begin to notice mood shifts in other, and know what someone will say before they say it.
Will predict many events before they occur, and will learn to predict what others will do, and say.
That last part is not fun, by the way.
Many times, you will wish you did not have the ability to see through others.
You will be much better mannered than most humans will, and much more considerate.
You will be an aid to many, and they will depend on you; so be ready.
You will become attracted to light, or many light sources.
You will become attracted to many sources of glass.
You will become attracted to electricity.
You will cherish water.
You will begin to see through.

When you hurt someone’s feelings, you will be devastated, even traumatized.
When you are walking, and you see an ant in the way; you will walk around it.
When you are eating, and you see ants, birds, mice, animals present; you will feed them most surely.
You will become stronger, as you age, rather than weaker, physically, as well as in our souls.
Words will have a color to you, when you say them, or even think of them.
You will hate, and despise war, and any form of injustice.
You will hate violence.
You will become more curious about the Sun, and learn to respect it.
The Planets will react to your emotions.
You will begin to have numerous UFO sightings.
You will become less interested in your appearance.
Your premonition levels will rise dramatically.
When you speak to others, you will use short terms to describe long explanations.
I know that the most difficult part here is to see where they ; the entities are, an their purity, and of course the purity that comes with it, while living in a wild, and untamed world; so you may notice the messages more clear in moments of solitude.
You will see dept in many objects.
You will understand what an animal feels.
You will learn to see in the dark.
You will fall in love with paper.
You will cherish food.
You will cherish, dated, and outdated food.
You will become fascinated with numbers; I mean obsessed.
You will love everyone equally, and you will not know this, until you notice.
Advice Like “you can’t cover the sky with one finger”; will sound interesting to you, and even make a lot of sense.
You will become fascinated by rust, or what water can do to metals; “Wow interesting”!
You will begin to hear what a beautiful plane, or flower is saying.
You will begin to feel pity fro tigers.
You feel drawn to the out door life; woods, mountains, landscapes, waterfalls, rivers, desert.
You begin to wonder what fish are thinking.
You will begin to notice how intelligent a fly can be.
If you are, all too familiar with all that we have described then lets move on, shall we?
There is so much to discuss, so we want to reserve ourselves to moderately share the information sanely, and in a reasonable manner.
Honesty is strength, and strength, is synonymous with honesty.
Those who are being contacted will be careful of who they share this information with.
Many will want to learn more, will cherish this information, and might even depend on us to help solve many issues, or questions they have.
Remember that you or we are not here to solve problems on Earth.
We are receivers of information, channeled through us, we are plugged into a celestial geographical, and social society, while we are still here on earth.
We are being transformed.


The sulfur of Planet Venus is added to our new vessel when we get there, as it is also added to our soul also.
When we are living on Planet Venus; we will having the appropriate DNA to live there, so Sulfur will be a common element to us, which we won’t noticed when we are there, just as we do not notice the silicon, and oxygen levels here on Planet Earth.

Therefore, we have these very high levels of element, achieving, or morphing; if you want to use that term; into higher, much more powerful grades; from which they are already.
Can they be as powerful as solar flares are to us, in the present? Yes most definitely; they can affect us greatly now in our present state.
When we have achieved the highest level of (DNA) upgrade, after evolving from planet, to planet, through the many cycles of life in every single planet in our solar system, we will be able to withstand living on the SUN when we get there, after completing life in all of our nine planets.
Methane from Neptune, the sulfur from Planet Venus, the titanium, from the Moon, these three elements alone can begin to construct the differences that which allow us to live there, in each, and every planet with a wide range of atomic components our soul can become accustomed to during our evolutionary stages, as we beginning to sense a greater grade of vibrations we have not yet lived with.
So it is immediate this sudden change.
We are experiencing many changes now, while we are here on Planet Earth.
It is that particular enhancement that we realize exist as an achievement; we see ourselves as different.
We here what others say, in a unique, and distinct manner, some times we even have the ability to perceive, even when it’s not something we are proud of, for there will be times when, we wish we were wrong, so that we wouldn’t have to live through the outcome of what we perceive, and thus it will be true; what we perceive that is.
How, and when do we confront others like ourselves, it is possible that we already have, and if we haven’t, we will come face to, face with those who are like ourselves, those who have the knowledge we have acquired, and sometimes, we realize that we can learn so much from them as well, as they feel at times that, they too can learn so much from us.
There are greater precious gems to us, than diamonds, a UFO hovering over our heads for intense, especially when we call on them, to pass over our heads, and suddenly they are there hovering above us; but the unusual thing here that, they flash there lights, or light just as they are hovering directly above us, precisely at that moment.
I believe we take this for granted.
We assume that they will be there; hovering over us tomorrow, and the truth is that; we must remain in a telepathic state of mind with them a they are sent at that precise time in our live to remain with us in any development which make take place during the short period they may take to share intense information after their hovering appearance.


The flares from the Sun, and its emitting energy, creating a powerful grid wave through our graviton earth field is an opportune moment for most of us to channel. Into the highest place the Sun itself.
The Sun our final portal, charging our souls in refining our spiritual levels, while injecting us with the specific particles needed to enhance our very being.
RECOGNIZING THOSE OF HIGHER PLANES; Gods guardians to us, we to seek in confidence, and trust in them, and learning how they can trust us, in our faith to God sending them to watch, and prepare us for our leaving here; (Earth), and into the next world; for we must experience life in every world so that we can understand what it is like to know our creators, and experience God ,and the teachers sent to us by God; in other planet’s; in other simple words; experiencing the existence of our Creator, and our Creators student; teachers to us and guardians; in these other worlds, before living , and thus exiting through the Sun, and into a new Solar System, and after experiencing life in every solar system, we will enter our Ultimate Creators kingdom level.
It is not important for you to believe this; you will know this.
Therefore, we will not have to convince anyone, and that is rather relieving placing a greater portion of our energy in the following of this path, in remaining in contact becoming more of the faithful listeners we will need to become, in order we are open doors to the pouring in of information.
So now that I had a chance to share this information with you; let us begin to look at the progress we have made thus far.
Sleep is no longer sleep, but a connective line between yourself, and the descended teachers.
Your ability to perceive has been heightened.
The realization that there is a supreme being beyond the master has, has set in.
Your creative vision is no longer; you are given a diagram as to what you will create, as though an instructor were with you, during the time you are creating.
You begin to have a better sense of the celestial grid between planets, and their relationship’s.
You become a stranger to the world around you.
Your main preoccupation is that of keeping in touch with those thing’s which pertain to the next level.
You want to ensure that you are on track, and that what you are seeing, hearing and learning is purely evolutionary from this world, and so on.
You want to see the trend, and connect to its authenticity, without creating what you want as you go.
Control of those impulses, and daily common thinking.
Total secrecy is vital for the improvement of all, and any individual, who have made this connection.
Trying to find, or connect with like-minded other, in a natural process.
Do not become anxious for progress, yet be aware of your progress.
You will have a much more clear understanding of the element’s; those of Earth, as well as those from other worlds
You will become more knowledgeable, in what is heavenly based, vs., what is religiously based information; that information passed down to you by God, and his celestial society.


For those who are looking for sign’s in the heaven’s, and finding sign’s, and waiting for greater earthly anomalies to occur; if and when the anomalies occur, and if it doe’s not effect you directly,; do you wait for another anomaly to strike, before submerging yourselves completely to our creator, and asking of our creator; “off all of the planetary bodies up there, in space; is there a place for us, in which we are already a part of, while we are here on earth, and do we have access to that new world when we leave here”?

This Earth has been taken for granted, as it has been viscously abused by those with power; such as the United States military controlled by the billionaires around the world, and the catastrophes’






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  3. As incredible, or confusing as it may seem…I know this is my truth. It is what I recognize beyond the norm. We are , but temporal being’s here – impermanent yet when we are connected, with those who have prepped us, we are constantly evolving with them at our level.

  4. There are things, I can see, that you cannot see.
    I didn’t waste my time writing , simply to write.
    When I write something, it is because I am convinced, of its validity.
    Do you really think, that planet CERES, is too small, to inhabit, well remember this, “Many are called, and Few are chosen”, see if you can wrap that around your heads.

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